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I did do the yoga on Monday and it felt so good to move those muscles in ways I hadn't since last summer when I gave up my practice due to a hand injury. I am so glad the whole idea came up and now I will be adding yoga back into my life a few days a week. Also, for those that might be afraid of yoga...it is easy, you do what you are able to, as you are able to. It is amazing at how quickly you gain flexibility. Also, I know some people think of yoga as a type of religion or see that sort of 70's image of yoga rooms filled with lots of long haired sweaty people chanting strange things. It isn't really like that. It is very peaceful and rewarding exercise and you can make it into really anything you need it to be for yourself.

I added yoga back into my life 11 months ago. I previously had a great practice 3 x a week for 90 minutes and missed it terribly. Lady spring my fitness club added Hot Yoga to it's group fitness offerings. I started last March going once a week. Yoga is great for strength training. I now go three times a week and look forward to going to the gym. I feel exhilarated after class. There are people of all ages and abilities in my class. It is great to see so many people getting in tune with their bodies.

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