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Very interesting to listen to this video.
Back to the drawing board regarding Folate listing on my vitamins...don't think I will be alone.
Thanks for the info.

Here is more:

"As we write, mandatory folic acid fortification in the Republic of Ireland has not yet been implemented and the most recent report published by the FSAI (March 2009) [3] has stated that mandatory fortification is now on hold until more evidence regarding its safety becomes available. In the UK mandatory folic acid fortification is also on-hold until an Independent Advisory Committee on Nutrition (SACN) [4] initiated by the Chief Medical Officer of England in October 2007 reviews the evidence in relation to safety.
These new safety concerns have arisen as a result of a Randomised Controlled Trial (RTC) which was conducted in the US. Two publications have now emerged from this RTC [5] and [6]. In the first paper [5] the authors showed that persons with a history of colorectal adenomas, consuming folic acid supplements as part of a randomized control trial, had an increased risk of more severe recurrence than a placebo group. The dose administered in the trial was 1 mg (the upper safe limit). The second paper [6] suggests that oral folic acid increases the risk of prostate cancer. These findings pose pressing public health concerns."

This is published by the US NIH.

This is from the third reference cited in this post:

"Ireland is an example of a country that has extensive voluntary fortification with folic acid. After a public consultation process, in 2006, the Food Safety Authority in Ireland FSAI [1] recommended mandatory fortification. However due to safety considerations this decision is now on hold. Before mandatory fortification goes ahead, existing levels of unmetabolised folic acid and their anticipated increase after fortification needs investigation because of the potential of folic acid to mask pernicious anaemia and possibly accelerate the growth of existing cancers. The aim of this study was to examine the levels of circulatory unmetabolised folic acid in Irish adults (both fasted and un-fasted) and new-born infants (fasted) before the proposed implementation of mandatory folic acid fortification. A secondary aim was to predict the increase in circulatory unmetabolised folic acid levels after fortification."

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