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November 14, 2008


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I have stopped beating myself up, but still eat inappropriately sometimes. The water helps, and distractions. Haven't found the lower calorie snack to help much, yet will continue to find it! The small Larabars with a glass of water works better than most. I just can't carry more than one bar at a time.

I was told by a doctor and two nutritionists that when your stomach is empty it releases a hormone that makes the growling noise, thus alerting you to the need to have something to eat if you've already missed the early warning signs of salivation, etc. This sounds much different from what you're writing here, that the growling sound is a withdrawal symptom from eating foods that are not good for you? Am I reading that correctly? If I am reading it correctly, could you provide any other studies or information on this topic besides what is in Dr. Fuhrman's book? I have been taking the dizziness, growling, and lightheadedness as a sign that I have missed the earlier signals(or ignored them) and need to eat, as per the advice I have received from professionals. I generally only get these signs when it has been quite some time since I have eaten last, doesn't seem to matter what the last food eaten was. That was my only question, the article has useful and fantastic tips as usual. Keep up the great work!

It's difficult getting into this habit of eating snacks (however healthy) between meals, especially when you feel a stigma around food when you need to lose weight.

This really hits home. I just started eating the large quantities of fruits and vegetables before my meals as Fuhrman suggests. And I feel so much fuller and hungry less often. But sometimes I've noticed that I feel hungry and full at the same time. After reading this article I'm realizing that at these times I'm physically full, but mentally I'm feeling hungry for something that will meet my emotional needs. The first step is knowing the difference!

Good real advice finaly.Snacking and I like to call it cupboard diving are my down fall. I now try and do talk my self out of it. We know what we are doing and we will be upset after words. So I tell my self Idont need it or make the right choice . For life.good luck , total weight loss so far 48lbs,26 in the last year.
Mary B

Nobody said to eat a light snack after going hours without food!! Eat 3 or 4 pieces of fruit. Eat a HUGE green salad. Feed your hunger, but with nutrient dense food, not junk!

I don't get it. Is "food withdrawl" supposed to be lighter than real hunger? When I don't eat for 24 hours or more, I actually stop being hungry. Now, I eat almost exclusively healthy, nutrient-dense foods and I don't think that when I feel starving, often after an intense multi-hour workout or after too many hours without food, that I just need a light snack. Can you please clarify your article?

This is the greatest advice I've ever recieved as someone who struggles with food addiction. Thank you.

These are great suggestions! I'm reading my first Dr. Fuhrman book right now and just love it and him. He makes more sense than just about anyone else I've read, but then he advocates the most natural, unprocessed diet of anyone else I've read, which is also rather stringent and difficult to manage in this world. Still, I'm going to try to incorporate a lot of this stuff into my own regimine, over time. I've already lost 65 lbs. so I know I've been on the right track. But I also want good health, not just weight loss, and that means eating more complex, natural carbs and less processed food and animal protein.

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