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December 06, 2008


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This is an excellent point, and I think I have worked real hard incorporating this in my life lately. I literally went "off" program for weeks this summer, because we went on vacation and so many things were going on. Sometimes I went way off; but I never once, I don't think, beat myself up on it, I truly felt that with the PONR info I had and the success I've had, that I could go back anytime! Is that that Point of No Return?? lol
The best part is, even after all of my 'transgressions', I had only gained a pound or two -- when I went back on my program seriously this week, I lost that and two more pounds immediately. Thank you for this place!!!!

Thanks Jackie this is just what I needed today. The past week and a half have been hard for me. The evenings are getting busier and I find myself eating out for convenience. However, I am doing good all day, and I am making it to the gym 3x a week. I am also walking with my son while he learns to ride a bike (and we give the dogs a walk). Staying positive about all the changes I have made over the past 3 months is key to not completely falling off the health train!

Jackie,how right you are. I am always beatingyself up for my mistakes. But I have done some good this week. I used a healthy cracker instead of bread for my tuna. I have been sick so I have not been able to exercise but I made our home made chicken veggie soup . My daughter and I have made a positive team helping each other. Thanks Jackie.

For me I think focusing on exercise AND eating a high nutrient diet allows me to not get into the funk as I used to if I miss one or the other - I never totally don't do both since December and the exercise can be intensified if I do not eat exactly as I wish and I can eat really clean even if I can't fit a workout in. I look at this as life, not a diet and hey life happens and tomorrow always comes EVEN if I do not do both. I look at this much like diet fusion - it's a process.

I feel very strongly about this and it has helped me a lot. Every morning I pray for what I want to accomplish for both that day and in the future. I am very specific about it. Today was "Dear God please get me to the gym this afternoon." Plus other things. Every night before I go to sleep I thank God for all my blessings and what went well during the day. It helps me to maintain a positive attitude and yet remain aware of where I need to make improvements.

yeh we need not to be so hard on ourselves even tho that is hard. but then thinking back to the weekend and the fun i had with my family just having fun and eating!! back to the drawing board!

I went off track and it wasn't as far off track as it might have been - I put some Kashi crackers on a small plate for myself, sat down with them, and realized I couldn't possibly eat as many as I had taken. It just looked like too much! I went back to the kitchen and put most of them back in the box. This was a new experience. The positive aspect is that I exerted some control, which is a good thing.

I told myself there was zero reason to go off-track this past week, and then I had 2 all-out late-night binge attacks. I awoke each morning so frustrated and angry by my lack of progress. However, I have also made many great changes over the past 6 weeks. I am exercising by 6:30am 2-4 days/week, I am eating fruit for breakfast (used to only have coffee!), I have cut out animal products, and am eating so many more veggies (especially greens). I've got to spend more time focusing on the positive, not fixating on the negative!!

I know I've been really awful. I had a piece and half of my sis' icecream bday cake, though the pieces were really thin. And the reason why it was 1 and 1/2 and not two, is I spilt it with my brother. On top of that I had three slices of pizza, but I did eat 2 servings of salads. Today was just one of my more hungry days. I think a lot of it, however, is stress eating. I'm getting married in one month and lately things have gone wrong. But I'm hopeful that everything will get back on track and so will I.

This post couldn't have been more timely for me, so thank you! My eating hasn't been the best this past week, but I have always drank lots of water, and tried to be careful of portions even when I was eating junk, or to be mindful of whether I was really hungry or not. Also, I got a pretty nice review at work this morning, so that cancelled out the negative feelings I was having about what the scale read.

To incorporate your tip into my life, upon awaking I am going to think about one thing positive about my life. And upon retiring, I am going to think about what I accomplished or did right that day. I'll let you know if this has any affect on losing weight.

We DO tend to focus on the negative. Thanks for the reality check.

Jackie, so true. It seems to me that if we daily review what WENT well...and spend a few moments the next morning thinking about what we WANT to go well, we will slowly start feeling much more focused and successful.

We live in such a critical society it is hard to break the cycle - but much more empowering when we do so.


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