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December 17, 2008


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I felt hangover-dreadful the day after eating a rack of Costco Barbeque Ribs for supper (PS - I don't drink but when I used to I'd never get a hangover). I put it down to all the 'e' numbers, preservatives and additives in the sauce - will check the label for MSG when next shopping there.

The only time and last time I ate at Chili's, I was sick for two days, could not get out of bed. I figured out it was because of the food additives they use, so I was correct.

Blue cheese has a lot of the same characteristics as red wine which could explain why your reaction was similar to that of a hangover. They are both foods that trigger my asthma!!

I recently had lunch at a chinese buffet in
Brentwood, CA. Within 20 minutes my heart
wa racing, i was extremely nervous, I felt like I was having a panic attack. It took
8 hrs for me to get over the mega dose of
MSG. I had to just lie down and get over it. A wasted day.

I have had also had reactions to regular chicken wings and the Chilis boneless buffalo wings. I was visiting a friend and we had a couple of drinks and decided to share some chicken wings. I never eat wings unless I am forced to. I like them, but 100 calories a piece I would rather eat a cheeseburger than ten wings. Anyway, I ate about five or so and the next day I had the worst hangover. Nauseous, tired and very sluggish, dehyrdated, diarrhea and just feeling awful.

The other time, I was out with my boyfriend and we were at Chilis having a couple drinks. I was starving and decided to get boneless buffalo wings. Within two hours, I was violently vomitting all over the hotel room floor. ould nto even make it to the bathroom. You might be thinking it was the alcohol but I only had two drinks that night. Anyway,, the next day I was sick with nausea, dehyrdation, diarrhea and was tired and sluggish. I never put the two instances together until reading this article. Thanks!

I had a horrid experience with airplane food. Just felt "jumpy" "irritable and restless following an airplane "meal".. Finally realized that is the very reaction I get with any foods with msg.
I have learning, with your support, to be more mindful of what's in the food I eat when I dine out.
thanks so much!

I never thought about this. MSG. You could be right. There is a cream cheese from Noah's bagels, it's lox/cream cheese spread. I was almost "addicted" to the taste and one day I look at the ingredients to find MSG. Thanks very much for the comment.

Have you ever had issues with MSG? This sounds familiar to the symptoms I've heard in the past regarding this 'spice/additive' - kind of like a borderline allergic reaction.

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