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November 20, 2009


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Australia does not have the same pressures put on their health care system that the US does. It is a much smaller country which severely limits "immigration" and illegal aliens. It is difficult to compare the two countries and their systems fairly. Health care isn't a right of the people. It is a system of health which we care for ourselves. That said, it is wrong for health care to be linked in anyway to someone's employment. Health care is a personal care issue that needs to be addressed in one's personal life. Just like we address buying our houses, autos, auto insurance etc. so is health care. The U.S. government is simply to create an environment to freely pursue life, liberty and happiness. To that end it is up to me to provide for my life and make myself happy -- not some bureaucrat flying on a Gulfstream at taxpayer expense. We must all provide for ourselves.

Yes, Nikki. I agree. I voted with my feet and immigrated to Ireland 15 years ago... There isn't a perfect place on the planet, that's for sure... Still, I simply saw too much greed & corruption and left. It is my sincere hope that things can change in America. I have fond memories of my childhood there... American was different... When civilizations stop taking care of the young, the aged and the sick- they crumble. History repeats itself until we get the lesson.

I am so glad I live in Australia, we have a national health system where public hospitals are free for the community. If you need a mammogram you'll get it, through our medicare system. Every taxpaying Australian contributes X amount of their tax dollars each year to medicare so that every Australian recieves vital medical needs free to them. We can also be in private medical if we want to be, our choice either way we have a health system that looks after us. Women of 50+ are provided with a mammogram service at clinics for free every two years, but if a lump is found in any age group a mammogram and or ultrasound is also provided free to the patient via screening at private agencies through bulk billing (ie government incentive program who suppliment doctors through medicare).
Every woman at any age should check their breasts and if any abnormality is found whether benign or not should have the right to protect her health. And if a government cares about it's people them it should be only too willing(like Australia) to allow them to do so without fear of not having enough money to do it. I cannot understand how a huge nation like USA can spent gazillions on war and space and not spend money on it's own people...

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