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Fasting - this elimination diet is done for five days; take nothing except for a bottled mineral water.

Few food Elimination Diet - rare foods are eliminated from the diet plan. This involves eating a dozen foods that the patient eats rarely. Pear and Lamb elimination diet - eating only lamb and pears or turkey and pears.

Rare food elimination diet - this is kind of the same with the few food elimination diet but instead of eating food that are rare to you, you are instructed to eat foods that are exotic.

Regular Elimination diet - this is often the most helpful kind of elimination diet. This is the common elimination diet wherein vegetables, fruits and meat are allowed, but wheat and other dairy products are eliminated.

The main reason most diets don't work is because of the way how people approach them. If it's too extreme or simply not doing enough, of course they will not see any resulting weight loss

Nutrisystem can be a great way to lose weight. It's simple and easy and with the low glycemic index version it should be even better.

I never realised you could reverse Type 2 Diabetes. My family has a history of this debilitating condition and this could come in handy for the future.

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