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I used to hate exercising as well, found it really tedious and boring. Until I started taking classes at a fitness club. I find this to be very helpful, because the classes are shceduled, and once you're in, your with other people, plus it makes it difficult to leave before the class is up. so you'd be sure to get your hour worth of excrcise. I recommend taking a class.

On the "I Hate to Exercise" issue, one effective approach is to do
something else that you do enjoy while you're exercising.

For me the best
combination is walking (which doesn't take a great deal of concentration: I do it on a
treadmill, which takes even less) and listening, either to music (where an up-rhythm actually reinforces the stride) or an (interesting) audio book.

The idea is to take the mind off the unpleasant activity (exercise) and turn it to the pleasant act ("Be still, my heart, it's Barry Manilow" or "This
Crime and Punishment is really a hoot").

I don't particularly like exercise either. For me it's because I simply have no energy, no matter how much coffee I drink to "get me going". I just have to remind myself that it will help me to get healthier in the long run. I take my music with me so I can tune everything out. Hope that helps!

"Find the movement that you love to do. That’s how you make exercise enjoyable."
That's sooo true!!! Over the last year I lost 30lbs and went to the gym - 3 times a week - and it always was a struggle. Just before X-Mas the magic happend: a new ballet-studio opened just around the corner - and that was my chance! I used to do ballet as a kid and I LOVED it. So I took up test classes at the new studio - and I LOVE it!!! Each Wednesday morning I'm thrilled that I'll go to my ballet class in the evening - I haven't been so excited to workout for ages. At the beginning I thought I should still go to the gym and do all the huffing and puffing to get a proper workout - but you know what? Ballet is probably sufficient - as it both: strength and cardio workout. So I think about adding a 2nd hour on Mondays and I'm fine. I found out that your workout doesn't only need to feed your body - but also your soul!!!

I do exercise that I love, so I go playing Thai boxing. I hate running but I think it's good for my health, so i signed up for the 10km Marathon, and bought a nice pair of running shoes, plus a very nice MP3 player and fill it with my favorite songs, just make the whole thing more interesting to do.

I used to be intimidated by all the fit people in the spin class. I didn't think I could be part of that group. You have to sign up online for many of the group fitness classes at my gym which I wasn't initially comfortable with. About a year a go when I had already been consistently getting to the gym 5 days a week I finally broke through. I signed up for my first spin class and actually got a spot. The instructor assisted me with adjusting the cycle. It was tough, but I sweat a ton and loved it. The best part was I could keep up with the "fit" people. I had finally arrived. Then my club added hot yoga. I love yoga and used to live near a studio in a much larger city. I went 3 x a week for 90 minutes. Getting back into yoga and adding spin totally shook things up. I lost pounds and inches and have so much more energy. I do a 60 minute spin class and a 60 minute hot yoga class 3 x a week each. I am a different person; a better mother and wife. And all because of exercise.

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