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I can't think of a better dressiing that the Wishbone Bountifuls Berry Delite dressing. Lo cal (35/2T), no fat, yummy, yummy, yummy!

I have discovered Boat House Farms salad dressings. They are yogurt based and apx 50 cals for 2T. They have blue cheese, ranch and Caesar. They taste just like the real thing and you can stretch them by putting your measured amount into a small container, add a little water and shake. Another trick is to put your salad in a baggie or large tupperware, dress it lightly, and shake. This will coat all the lettuce and you don't need nearly as much dressing.

I have found at most grocery stores now in the take out section or salad section you can buy single packages of salad dressing. There are lots of different kinds and you know exactly how many calories or points is in each package so you just put that on your salad and no measuring or weighing, it's pretty foolproof. Plus you get to try different kinds rather than buying a whole bottle of one kind you may not like :)

Put salad dressing on the side and dip your fork in the salad dressing before you spear the lettuse. Less dressing but a taste every time

My favorite salad is Chicken Breast + Avocado +Romaine+ Low fat Ceasar Dressing

I had 1/2 the romaine I wanted recently, so added some julienned baby bok choy to a salad. I was concerned about strong flavor. I usually make my own salad dressings & this time concocted 1.5 tsp Major Grey's Chutney, 1.5 tsp apricot jam, 1 tsp real mayo, and thinned it with almond milk. Enough to dress very large salad, with red pepper & clementine. It's become a new favorite, especially paired with Lebanese Red Lentil & Collard Green Soup, which has cumin & cinnamon flavorings (possibly found on AllRecipes?). Enjoy.

Olive Oil has 120 calories per tablespoon, ouch!

Found this one somewhere on the web--it's fat free and yummy!

1 blob honey
1 blob dijon mustard
1 splash balsamic vinegar

adjust amounts to taste and enjoy!!! (For example, I like more vinegar and less mustard.)

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