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I think you should find a picture of a girl that has what you think the perfect body is and think... do I think she has it easy to keep this body like this? probably the answer will be no... and before you eat something that you know it´s not good for you ask yourself does this taste as good as looking good? and once again no... (maybe with this you find motivation... it is hard for me to the whole will power thing... does anyone have tips on motivations quotes or something? )

I think the hardest thing for me is the feedback whether verbal, visual, or my clothes fitting looser. What I mean is, the other areas in my life that I am disciplined in I get almost immediate feedback on my efforts. In weight loss, feedback is very limited; therefore, I find myself not sticking to my program. For example, I started a workout program that included switching workouts every other day and added a lunchtime walk. Along with this I changed my eating habits. RESULTS: after 4 weeks I gained 2 lbs and became very discouraged. HELP!

I don't trust my will power, it's just so weak, so i turn it into a habit. I signed up the boxing courses with my friend who would keep pushing me to go, i also avoid going to supermarkets so that I won't buy snacks.

You do have the willpower, it just may be hiding. Look at the things you have accomplished in your life. Did they come easily or did they take hard work and perseverance? If you are like me you have had successes and failures. And most times you learn more from failures. You have what it takes to do this. It won't happen overnight and there will be ups and downs. For me the PNOR program was a breakthrough. Consider it if you haven't. The advice to make one good decision and build on it has really helped me. When I am down I try to alter the course of the downward spiral by making one good decision. It helps me reset and move on.

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