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Wow great response----I read her article and I agree with you------it was very "it's not your fault" and full of half truths and excuses ! I work hard every day at keeping my weight down----plan, shop, cook, monitor, and go to the gym. It's not easy, but I like the way I feel and look. Being "mindful" is delusional. And 60 lbs overweight is A LOT of fat. Been there.

Claiming that Tara Parker-Pope "isn't possibly in a position to influence the debate, at all" because she has a personal struggle with her weight is insulting and ridiculous.

Jobo- how so? If you were learning how to swim would you take lessons from someone who couldn't swim?

Well, I sort-of see what Tara was trying to say in her article. Those of us who do not like the taste of most nutrient-dense foods will ALWAYS gain the weight back. It's pure miserable going through life eating only foods that you despise, so we inadvertently end up back where we started. The more dieting I do, the bigger I get. My weight leveled off only when I stopped dieting and did not restrict myself from anything. I don't like the extra weight, but I'm still comfortable and content everyday.

Mike- it can take some work to learn how to cook and order- but once you make the shift you'll never go back. You probably would do well with a shake a day and blend some greens into that.

Thank you for this post. I have been a plant-based eater for almost 4 years, after having read Eat to Live. When I read the NY Times post, I felt she was totally on the wrong track. I actually agree that relying on willpower is a mistake but that's because I don't think willpower is what it takes to make a huge change. While there are many components to successful change, I find the biggest ones are education and conviction. Once I had the right information and felt strongly about it - i.e., believe it with every fiber of my being (which I did after reading the fabulous information in Eat to Live) - it was VERY easy to make the switch to a healthy diet. Of course there was a big learning curve and certain frustrations, but never a question of going back to a SAD way of eating. Thanks for your post.

Thanks guys for all of the great info you share. And thanks to Dr. Fuhrman and others like him who are seeking to help the hurting with the truth, not get kickbacks from the USDA, Con-Agra, etc....

I have to disagree with your analysis of the article. I took away from the article that it is difficult to maintain weight loss but not impossible. Most people have this "diet" mentality where they will lose weight and then go back to their old lifestyle and expect to maintain the weight loss. The article's point is that this will not work. Your body changes when you lose weight (I think this is not in dispute), and you will have to change your lifestyle if you want to maintain your weight loss, which is your point as well.

Joanne- right, but the article gives no idea of what will work, and leaves the reader with the impression of hopelessness. That was the takeaway from much of the response that we saw- from our perspective, this is the WRONG conclusion to draw, based on our considerable experience.

It is hard to maintain if you have ever been truly obese. It's awesome that Jackie can wear the same size she wore in high school, but that is not everyone's story. I lost 130 pounds about 6 years ago. The 100 is gone, but I keep struggling with the 30. I read Fuhrman and I agree with him, but it is not always easy. Especially in our toxic environment. We KNOW the answer is to eat more veggies! It's the only thing you can truly pig out on.

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