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in my second recovery week before the third phase of the lean program. i did substitute 2 kenpo days for a 4 hour hike and a hour of a boxing class, otherwise it's been all P90X. i've lost a total of 22 pounds since january 1st. my 90 days will be april 4th. i plan on joining the local boxing gym for a month and then get back on the P90X. will probably try the classic program as well as the P90X plus.

I have just started the P90x and was wondering will it help me loose weight I would I be better off sticking to my elliptical?

If you want to purchase the P90X Extreme Home Fitness System for yourself, the best place to begin is online. Many Internet sites-such as http://www.p90x-buying.com, for example-have great pricing($59.99) and shipping discounts, as well. Even with the shipping cost, you could end up paying less than you would in a local store.

Boyfriend's sister is on the P90 x and simply put her body looks fantastic. She was a much bigger woman and there is absolutely no comparison in her body. If you want a hardcore workout, P90 is right for you.

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