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13 yrs. ago when I retired I was taking an exercise class and they asked me if I wanted to try an experiment and see I liked a new strength training class. I got my doctors o.k. and joined the class. It was free. A yr. later it was so successful they started charging a fee so 13 yrs. later I am still in the class and go 2 times a week and sometimes 3 times a week. My osteroposis has improved to osteopenia. My husband also goes. I am 70 and my husband is 75. Thanks for the article it was excellent.

I am a 44 yr old female who works emergency ems dispatch. I sit for 12 hrs a day on night shift beginning at 6:30pm and ending at 6:30am. When I get home after 1/2 hr drive the only thing I want to do is go to sleep. There are times I could work out but I am afraid that it well get me so hyped that I will not be able to sleep. Is this true or just a myth? I've been told it's better to do it upon waking and I can't always do that. I have all the equipment necessary to workout right in my home.

Hi Sandyyp!

Actually lifting weights is likely to allow you to sleep better. I tend to carry my stress in my neck and low back and if I do a barbell shrug for my neck and a barbell deadlift for my low back I can feel the immediate stress relief. So I sleep better.

The best time to exercise is when you CAN exercise. There is no point in not working out because it's not the 'optimum' time of day - most of us are not the elite athletes that need to have ultra-refined regimens anyway. That's something that gives us scheduling flexibility we should take advantage of.

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