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I have never really been into taking vitamins, but as I started getting older, I wanted to take care of my healthy and keep myself going. Since I am a super healthy guy, I have to make sure I get all of my supplements, and sometimes that can be hard just from food. I found dr max powers multvitamins on sale and they sound easy and safe to use. I have had a bad experience with some vitamin brands because they will upset my stomach, be a bad form to take or not show results.

I take one in the morning with breakfast and it has really seemed to help me stay healthy and have more energy. I like that they are all natural and not made with gelatin, and they contain both calcium and iron which I need. A bottle is reasonably priced and is a balanced formula that keeps me going and healthy.

I am part of a maternal club here in San Francisco. We are a group of about 20 women and have had different real life tests with prenatal vitamins.

Essentially out of the top brands, we have found bebe-O to be the #1.

It is all-natural and registered by the Vegan Society. Not only does it provide a pregnant women with all nutrients, but it also relieves morning sickness.

You can visit their website, I highly recommend everyone pregnant women to try bebe-O prenatal vitamins

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