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How To Get The Lowest Price On A Vitamix

One of the best ways to get the best price on anything is via Amazon. Vita-Mix blenders are no different. They basically last forever. If you buy one directly from Vita-Mix they are around $500, but you can get a new on on Amazon for $346 at the time we wrote this blog post. Click on this link to look at all the different options:

Find The Lowest Price Vitamix On Amazon

On Amazon you can also buy a used Vitamix for about $320. What is interesting to note is that used Vitamix's sell for not much less than new ones. We find that people often do a lot of comparison shopping for blenders and juicers because of the high price points.

What we observe is that many people eventually settle on a Vitamix, for the simple reason that it is the most powerful blender/juicer on the market and it lasts forever.

The company has a powerful value proposition if you think about it. Appliances are one of the most competitive product categories. People are constantly making things that are cheaper and better. Yet in this category, no company has been able to "disrupt" the position in the market that Vitamix enjoys.

The widget below will show the current cheapest price for both a new and used Vitamix.

Why Get A Vitamix??

The basic "deal" behind blending is that a very good blender and juicer (like the Vitamix) can pulverize any fruit or vegetable. When you can pulverize anything, you can then add any flavor and make it taste good.

Additionally, we all know that many vegetables are "good for us." What you might not know is that the cells of plants are protected by a substance called "cellulose." During the digestion process, your body can't break down the cell walls. 

The Vitamix does break down the cell walls, which allows the body to absorb all the nutrients contained within. If you are googling to buy a Vitamix, you have probably heard that people have cured themselves of really crazy diseases by blending, and by using a Vitamix in particular.

The reason for this is that plants, especially green vegetables, have incredible healing properties. However, you need to get at the nutrients. Blending is the ideal way to get at these nutrients.


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