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Is Weight Watchers Good For Type 2 Diabetes?

Some Thoughts On The Best Diet For Someone With Diabetes Or Metabolic Syndrome

We are building an extensive page on the main PEERtrainer site that covers a set of ideas and approaches that help a diabetic adopt the best diet possible. We cast a wide net here and outline some of the things that we have seen work over the past few years. The biggest issue we see is that people tend to gravitate towards diets that restrict calories and carbs.

This usually leads to failure, which leads to frustration which for Type 2 diabetics means only relying on medication to help control the symptoms. We see that different approaches that focus on changing what one eats rather than eating less help a great deal. In our free Tip Of The Day program we focus a ton on the practical elements of adopting a healthier diet.


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Your article could not have come at a better time for me, and now I think maybe I can do this on my own. Only thing is, I have a major problem digesting things, especially raw and some cooked vegetables, and even some of the "non-cheat" fruits like blueberries. Was told I had IBS but the antispasmodics I was prescribed made me WORSE. Also I have PCOS/prediabetes/metabolic syndrome. B/c of this my fam dr couldn't believe I was able to lose any weight at all. I lost 20 by doing things as best I could but it plateaued. Then I had to back off on exercising due to fibro type pain and then the eating went because ibs got worse again. So she had the bright idea to put me on Metformin which of course made the digestive issues THAT much more awesome. I had to stop taking it and I really don't know if I should take such serious drugs which could do more damage to me. So at this point I just don't know what to do. I love fruits and vegetables and greens and I HAVE what it takes, but I have let myself get so fat since I was 5 that my body...doesn't. Please help me.

Good web site. I have been t2 for 19 years and control with diet and exercise. Fasting sugars run from 82 to 95. Fuhrman's plan will do the trick. Glad I discovered Nathan Pritikin years ago. However, Fuhrman himself says that he adds B12 and zinc supplements to the diets of vegans. So to avoid supplements I eat three ounces of wild caught sockeye salmon or rarely turkey or chicken about three or four times a week. No dairy.

I don't think you quite have it right about fusing Fuhrman with weight watchers and you seem to have missed his point. If you follow Fuhrman's plan there is no need to count calories or portion sizes. If you are eating lots of soups and salads you will only need not to go overboard on starchy vegetables and grains. I found that Fuhrman is right and the more nutrient dense my diet is, the less I need to overdo portions.

I do not go on diabetes support groups because the people eat lots of meat and cheese and peanut butter but seem scared to death of healthful grains and starches. And I noticed that most of these people seem to be taking one or two meds.

Pritikin, Ornish, Esselstyn, McDougall, Fuhrman and others in the low fat, low animal product camp have it right.

Of course, exercise is a given.


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