How To Get Piles Of Energy In 15 Minutes
Will Reducing Wheat Intake Help Beat Type 2 Diabetes?


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Great info! My personal curse is that Southern sweet tea - ugh! I've been pretty good about switching to water but sometimes I just gotta have my tea! Now though, I am usually sorry that I gave in to my craving and am better able to resist next time.

I have been making soups for years. My friends always made fun of me but soup is cheap, easy, and good for you. Would love to see some soup ideas with greens in them!

Hey Jakie,
I thought I would tell you first that Tomatoes are actually better went they are cooked. But, I as for the green food, I have found something that I buy from a local natural doctor it is a special mix of energy powder, you mix in a glass of v-8. This stuff works, and has only great things in it. Like, Barley grass powder, wheat grass,bluegreen Algae,Alfalfa spinach,Kelp,Rose hips,lemon peels,orange peels,Beet root,none activated natural yeast.This stuff gives the energy you need; you can go on forever. I have lost 164 pounds give or take 10 lbs.I have put on lots of muscle, I have guns. That it's self has never happened. It does cost $39.95, but you get a large jar that last using it twice a day for about two months. It's funny that you should send this to me today. Just today I wrote an article about the very same subject, as related to our thinking, and how to master our thinking to put our lives on the right path to succeed in every part of our lives. I have a huge story, the weight loss is small to all the things I have over come in my life. If anyone wants the name, and or number for the doctor to order some of this; let me know. I would be happy to give up that information.

I am unable to view the video at work - but I decided to give up sugar (except fruits) last Monday. I had hit a bad plateau running (almost going backwards) but the past week, I have had amazing runs - feel like I could run forever. And I lost 5 lbs. I will check out the video from home - but it seems like this is just what my body needed. Thank you!

Hi Jackie,
Your site is enlightening! Thanks!

I have been "getting in touch with how foods make me feel" to get past nighttime carb cravings. Things I have found are:
-After I gave up sugar, I tried Truvia. It caused noticable muscle fatigue.
-Now when I have nighttime carb cravings, I have salad and tuna which satisfies the craving better than actually eating lots of cereal or popcorn.
-I also make a simple onion soup that satisfies it. Carmelize onions 4oz=50cal, add low sodium organic beef broth 8oz=20cal,simmer, top with no fat mozzarella cheese 2T=24cal, and a dash of freshly ground black pepper.
Keep up the great work! and Thank you so much!

Totally agree with your comments regarding sugar Jackie, a tough one to cut out initially but I think it will be worth it. Have tried Stevia but just not the same...
Can you advise where the link is to your Green Soup?

Wow! Your blog is a friggin treasure! WHY didn't I know about you sooner?!? LOVE THIS!

Amen! Get rid of sugar and eat more greens. Green veg are powerhouses of nutrients and antioxidants! I love savoy cabbage and broccoli. Green tea is also really good for you - it also has antioxidants and promotes fat burning. What gives me energy is a diet rich in protein and lots of green veg. That's what suits my metabolic type. I've a fast burn system so carbs go through me way too quickly - and give me sugar cravings and health problems. Animal protein, cottage cheese, greens and no sugar works for me. Everyone is different, so get testing!

Jackie you actually are teaching me how to eat to live! This is the best nuts and bolts material to really get a handle on my eating I have ever found. Thank you so much.

Hi Jackie...I am a new follower of your site...I just looked at the chicken soup...15 minutes to more energy. It is a video. I live in The Kingdom of Bahrain in the Middle East and would love to have the recipie. Unfortunatey the internet connection I have does not play videos. Is there any way you can write it out and put it on the site? Or is it somewhere written and I have missed it. Thanks so much. I am learning so much with your help.

Thank you for the reference to Stu Mittleman's Slow Burn book. I am about half way through it and am learning so much. I haven't gotten to the Eat for Distance section yet but am looking forward to learning more about the alkaline diet. I'm following the diet fusion concept right now incorporating Weight Watchers and Dr. Furman's Eat for Health. I feel so enlightened and could never have gotten to this place without Peer Trainer information.

Thanks for the direction toward reading about an alkaline diet. I read something about that a few years ago and haven't thought about it since.


Yes- sugar, greens and alkaline diet... I have been reading extensively on the alkaline diet in the past days... I am also reading about the transfer of oxygen from the blood stream to the cells and how VERY important that is. This all works- and works together!

Thanks for recent e-mail... I took an important step yesterday toward returning to my home in Ireland...



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