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Key Multivitamins and Supplements For Stress, Energy, Inflammation and General Health

Since we started covering supplements, people have asked us for guidance on what a very basic level of supplementation ought to be. We have gotten really into supplements for energy, because that is a primary problem facing PEERtrainer members. The feedback has been very positive on that.

But in this process, we have learned that there is a "basic consensus" among health professionals. Most people will benefit from three things. First is a whole food, organic multivitamin. These will cost more than your garden variety Centrum or store brand. But it is worth it. With a whole food vitamin, you are ingesting actual food, and not rocks or synthetic chemicals.

New Chapter is the quality leader in this market, and they have two interesting formulas linked to below. One has added herbs to clam you down if you are stressed. Another has added ingredients to help boost your energy and endurance. There are links to both of these variations further down in this post.

We have no relation to this company, but we have become very strong advocates for them and their approach. If you are taking any multivitamin with non-food or synthetic ingredients, we strongly suggest exploring an alternative. 

There are people who swear that their Centrum makes them feel great. Our view is that there is so much "junk" out there that your body ingests, inhales or absorbs on a daily basis that you need to give yourself as much "clean" stuff as you can. You don't have to be a "health nut" to appreciate this approach.

Centrum costs less because it is an inferior product.

The second thing we see recommended almost universally is fish oil. There are studies that tie fish oil consumption with better heart health, lower rates of depression, reduced inflammation, reduced cancer rates and better mental health.

The key is finding a fish oil tablet that does not give you "the burps." If you have had those, you know exactly what we mean. We have a recommendation below which we have personally tested for 4 months now on a daily basis, and zero burps!

A third thing that we feel people would be helpful to people is a general anti-inflammatory supplement from New Chapter called Zyflamend. One has to be careful about the health claims of any supplement, but from what we have read, the results can be powerful. Zyflamend is something taken daily.

Zyflamend contains extracts of Rosemary, Turmeric, Ginger, Holy Basil, Green Tea, Hu Zhang, Chinese Goldthread, Barberry, Oregano and Baikal Skullcap. New Chapter is known for blending ingredients from different traditions and cultures. Some of these ingredients are well known, others not so. Finding a reliable, non-hypey company who makes supplements like these is really important, especially when you are dealing with some unknowns.

PEERtrainer Conclusion: We are very comfortable guiding people to the supplements listed below. The fish oil was recommended (actually prescribed) by a doctor. And New Chapter is a company whose products we keep pulling off the shelves and buying ourselves.



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