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Natural Remedies For Anxiety: A Look At The Latest Research

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Article Summary: There is no definitively-known cause for depression yet, though there are a number of well-researched theories. Many of the theories deal either directly or indirectly with levels of certain neurotransmitters, such as serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine. 

Another theory links depression to inflammation and increased pro-inflammatory cytokine activity in the brain. Regardless of the definitive cause, all medications, whether natural or pharmaceutical, attempt to correct one or more aspects of our brain's physiology, reducing depressive symptoms.

The following supplements have either been found to be effective in the treatment of certain forms of depression or they are specific compounds which are often found to be deficient in those suffering from depression, making them important to consider when treating depression, according to all available research and expert opinion.

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How Exercise Impacts Cancer Risk

This ought to motivate you:

"Many studies have shown that being physically active has a tremendous impact on quality of life of cancer survivors. Now, studies have demonstrated that physical activity after cancer diagnosis is also associated with a lower risk of the cancer coming back and improved overall survival among multiple cancer survivor groups, including breast, colon, prostate, and ovarian cancer.

Among breast cancer survivors, a recent analysis showed that getting exercise after diagnosis was associated with a 34% lower risk of breast cancer deaths, a 41% lower risk of dying from all causes, and a 24% lower risk of breast cancer recurrence. Among colon cancer survivors, studies suggest exercise cuts deaths from colon cancer and all causes, and cuts the risk of the cancer coming back by up to 50%".

Cancer and Exercise

What Is The Cause Of Hypothyroidism?

This is a new article published on PEERtrainer that goes into the issue of thyroid disease.

"The cause of hypothyroidism in the US is autoimmune in nearly all cases," says Dr. Alan Christianson, author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Thyroid Disease. However, "autoimmune causes do not show up for the first several years of disease." 

What Is The Cause Of Hypothyroidism?

What is interesting about autoimmune disorders is that the diet protocols of Dr. Joel Fuhrman have helped many people recover from their autoimmune symptoms to some degree or another.

Additionally, the diet protocols of JJ Virgin we also see helping people. We find that people do a great job integrating all these different approaches into their diet routines!