Dr. Junger

Why You Need Protein To Get Toxins Out Of Your Body

We were sent the following email:

"I read the edited transcript of the call with JJ Virgin on detoxification. JJ mentioned that The Master Cleanse helped in getting the toxins out, but no way of flushing it out of the system.

Part of The Master Cleanse consists of having a herbal tea in the evening along with water and sea salt in the morning to flush the toxins out. Please advise if that is really true. Thanks." 

In the call linked to above JJ said:

"We detoxify in two phases. The first thing is to make them able to get out of the body. We have to free them up and make them water soluble, because they tend to store in our fat and not be water soluble.

Once we get them ready to get them out, we've got to escort them out. First you've got to get them out of the tissues, then you've got to get them out of the body. In order to get toxins out of the body you must have amino acids. You get amino acids primarily from protein.

Pea-rice protein shakes are my favorite. (They are great for vegans, vegetarians, nutritarians.) Without the amino acids you can't get the toxins out of the body. Think about that, you see these cleanses that people are doing where they do something called The Master Cleanser Drink where they do that and get some maple syrup and cayenne.

I'm trying to figure out how sugar ever could possibly be a benefit in a cleanse. Usually you start the day with lemon water. This will speed up the phase one, the release of the toxins into the body and shut off phase two, the release of the toxins out of the body. So you get more toxins coming out inside the body with no way to get out.

It leaves your body worse off. Leave them where they're going to be. If you're not going to take it all the way through it is way worse to free them up and not get them out."

As always at PEERtrainer, we look at other sources to back things we quote or link to. One of JJ's peers in this area is Nutritionist Jason Boehm: (http://www.jasonboehmnutrition.com/)

Jason pointed us to three studies that shed more light on the role of amino acids in the detoxification process:

We mention this to show you how "Nutritional Cleanses" differ dramatically from things like The Master Cleanse.

A nutritional cleanse is an extension of a nutrient dense diet. What sets the PEERtrainer Fresh Start Cleanse program apart, is the extensive coursework material, that JJ Virgin has developed over the last 15 years.



Clean By Dr. Alejandro Junger: A Review Of An Important Book

"Clean" by Alejandro Junger, M.D. is an ambitious and important book. It might be the first published manual of a broad and rigorous cleanse or detox protocol.

Junger also runs The Clean Program, which is an online cleanse program that one can choose to do separately from the book.

Clean will present to you a new view of what could be possible for your body. It is a big vision. In the words of Dr. Junger himself "Clean requires a fairly radical reorientation toward food."

For those of you who have been around PEERtrainer and whose primary motivation has been to lose a lot of weight, you may already have undertaken a fairly big reorientation. Losing a lot of weight for good requires you do this.

Something like the Clean Program will help take things to a new level. It will also bring focus to some areas of health and your body that you have not thought of prior. This book will be especially important to anyone taking prescription medications

Dr. Junger goes over each common medication and then outlines the specific nutritional deficiency. Powerful stuff. The book is paperback, and available used on Amazon. You'll want to own a copy of this.