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How To Ask Dr. Fuhrman A Question Directly

Most people in PEERtrainer are familiar with the basic ideas of Dr. Joel Fuhrman. We work hard to make sure that people understand his concept of "nutrient density" because it represents a different way of looking at the weight loss process. 

What Is Nutrient Density And Why Is It Important?

If you are not familiar with nutrient density or are unclear what it means, the basic idea is that certain foods have dramatically higher levels of "good stuff" than other foods. When you eat a lot of the "good stuff" a primary benefit is that it makes you less hungry. Your body starts to get the nutrients it needs, and begins to stop sending your brain signals commonly known as "food cravings."

This is a powerful idea, and combined with other core ideas that we promote, has helped to literally transform the lives of thousands of people on PEERtrainer. We get emails every single day thanking us for pointing people in this direction.

Often times, people have a lot of questions once they begin to grasp the basic idea of nutrient density. It has the power to help you reduce your weight, but also put you on the path to better health. One can lose weight pretty quickly, but the health part of the equation can be harder to get back into balance. You can't expect to instantly get into better health after abusing your body for 20 years.

Usually when people are in this process, especially on the health side of the equation, they have many questions.

One resource that you may want to take advantage of, but you likely do not know about, is Dr. Fuhrmans "Ask A Doctor" online forum.

In this forum he has already answered ten thousand questions and both the questions and the results are searchable. In addition, for questions not already answered Dr. Fuhrman answers those each week and posts them.

Access to this information and access to Dr. F is ridiculously cheap- about $15 a month, and less if you buy a year membership. Even if you join for a short amount of time, you can learn a tremendous amount in a short amount of time.

We highly recommend this forum and service. The reason we are creating this blog post is that recently Habib was traveling with Dr. Fuhrman and saw him up at 5 am, going through the forum, answering questions in his forum.  Pretty amazing, even now that Fuhrman has started to become very well known through his deal with Whole Foods, though his books- he is still answering peoples' questions at 5 am.

It is a level of total commitment that we find very impressive.

Here is the link to learn more about this forum:

If you have any questions, please reply in the comments section below or just reply to our email. We'd be glad to help you!

If you are reading this and are already a member, please let us know your experience so far and we will put it right in this post. 

One more thing- if you have ever wanted to meet Dr. Fuhrman, he is holding a "Health Getaway" this summer at Park City, Utah. The event is being mc'd by his friend Marilu Henner, who many of you remember for her role on the TV show "Taxi."  Like us, she is a strong advocate for the work Dr. Fuhrman is doing!


"I recently became a member of Dr. Fuhrman's member center. I was drawn to it because even though I thought I was following the Eat to Live method, I wasn't at the low weight that I had previously achieved. I thought maybe I needed more education on the matter and I joined up. I was right. I really didn't know enough about the method. Once I spent some time in the member center, a lot of my questions were answered and I was refocused. I especially love that I receive one new recipe per day by e-mail from Dr. Fuhrman AND that I can see what other members have to say about that recipe. That helps a lot when cooking as much as I and really what anyone has to do when you elimate most processed food."

Wendy Solganik




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