How To Reverse Type 2 Diabetes

Why Should You Reduce Wheat or Gluten In Your Diet?

When the suggestion is made that people ought to at least explore a reduction in wheat and gluten in their diets, it often triggers a sense of panic as people start to make a mental note of all the foods they commonly eat that have wheat and gluten in them.

The reality is that in the US and in the West, we eat a diet very high in wheat. The other reality is that something has gone horribly wrong with the wheat itself. Doctors, scientists and researchers are just starting to get a handle on why.

What we do know is that gluten-free foods are a rapidly growing market. Different people react to gluten in different ways. Some people put on extra weight in the gut, others develop intestinal discomfort, and others suffer from skin reactions.

A key component of the new PEERtrainer Cheat System is that we provide a structure to help you reduce wheat and gluten levels in your body. People are reporting that they are feeling better and have more energy on this (free) system. We also direct you to foods which help to serve as a replacement for the gluten.

What Is Gluten And Why Is It A Problem?

According to Alan Pressman, PhD: "Gluten is a protein, and it can be found in wheat, rye, and barley.  Many people are allergic to it, and millions of people are sensitive to it.  It can trigger all sorts of inflammatory responses in your intestinal track and entire body. It creates chronic inflammation throughout the body, and if you are sensitive or allergic to it can cause a 72 percent increased risk of death. That's pretty serious business."

As we have written before, inflammation is a serious issue and has implications for both your health and your weight loss. As you reduce levels of inflammation in your body, you become healthier and it is usually easier to lose weight.

Can You Lose Weight On A Gluten Free Diet?

A side effect of a gluten free or gluten reduced diet is often weight loss. The exact reason this happens is unclear, but would observe that most people who adopt a gluten free diet, tend to do so in the context of overall improvement in their diet. When people increase the nutrient density of their diet, they tend to feel more full and have fewer hunger cravings.

Does A Gluten Free Diet Give You More Energy?

From our own personal experience, a gluten free diet can lead to a dramatic increase in energy. Again, we are not sure if it is the absence of wheat or the presence of better overall nutrition, but when you start to remove breads, grains and pasta from the diet, you tend to replace it with higher nutrient foods. Which will increase your energy.

Can A Gluten Free Diet Target Belly Fat Or Beer Bellies?

It is very common to hear that one loses weight everywhere at once, at that you cannot "target belly fat." Lets pick apart that assertion by asking this question. Have you ever heard the term "wine belly?" According to Dr. William Davis, a cardiologist, consumption of large quantities of wheat can lead to what he calls a "Wheat Belly."

In his patients, reduction in wheat consumption has helped them. He advises people to go wheat free for a 4 week period to see what happens. He states that you will have more energy, you'll be less hungry, and you will have more stamina during the day. As a cardiologist, he also points out that your risk for heart disease will lower.

What Are The Downsides Of A Gluten Free Diet?

According to Alan Pressman, if you do reduce gluten in your diet, you need to make sure to eat foods that help to feed the "good bacteria" in your stomach. He states that  "It just so happens your probiotics - the ProDophilus that live in your body absolutely love gluten. it's a great source of food for those good bacteria.  It can be considered a prebiotic. Removing gluten from your diet is a good thing do, but you are starving out your Bifidobacterium and basilis, which is not good at all. Make sure that as you eliminate gluten from your diet, you replace the food for your bacteria...... Asparagus, bananas, fruit, green tea, yogurt and kefir, legumes, peas, and whole grains are excellent sources of these prebiotics."

How Do You Start Reducing Gluten In Your Diet?

An excellent way of beginning to reduce gluten and wheat is to find ways of being able to identify ways that you can practically do this. For those of you who have downloaded the PEERtrainer Cheat System, you will see that we have created a very easy framework that gets plenty of high nutrient calories into your diet. But this is in a context where there is plenty of "wiggle room" for you.

It is not restrictive, and lets you move towards your health goal at your pace. 

If you have not yet downloaded your free copy of the PEERtrainer Cheat System, you can do so here.

If you are looking for Gluten Free recipes, almost every single one that PEERtrainer has developed is gluten free. We haven't "gone public" with this until now, and wanted to see how easy it was for people to actually do this.

It is, and people are able to to many of our recipes. We got one email recently that said: 

"Hey team, prepared the insane man hunger bison recipe this weekend and my husband + I loved it. Brilliant."

More PEERtrainer Recipes Here.


How do you get gluten out of your diet?

This can be a long and frustrating process. There is wheat and gluten in so many things, some things that you enjoy very much. Once you do find foods that you enjoy, you'll find the process very easy in your home. At restaurants and on the road, it is more difficult. Avocado is an excellent go to food when you are traveling. It is nutrient dense, has a great mix of protein, fat, carbs and important micronutrients. There are a decent amount of calories in avocado, but this is actually a good thing because it is very difficult to be overweight on a gluten free diet.

Will Getting Rid Of Gluten Help Me Get Rid Of Eczema?

There is no "cure" for eczema, but the symptoms can be controlled. This too can be an extremely long process, but if you totally, 100% eliminate wheat from your diet, you might be very surprised at how your symptoms and discomfort decrease. You also need to make sure to take a high quality fish oil in high doses each day, which will help control your overall immune response.

There are many "internal" things you can do to control the symptoms of eczema. So much treatment focuses on the external. If you do things like eliminate wheat and dairy, increase your greens, start taking a probiotic, make sure to take a fish oil supplement- you are likely to see some improvement.

As an fyi, the PEERtrainer Cheat System was developed by a group of people very familiar with eczema and gluten intolerance. It is an easy way to eliminate gluten from your diet.

"I Have Type 2 Diabetes. Will Reducing Gluten Help Me?"

The answer to this question is that most people will benefit a great deal from a reduction of wheat in their diet. Type 2 Diabetics are no exception. If you are a Type 2 Diabetic having a hard time losing weight, gluten elimination is something to try for sure.

How Do I Cure The Damage That Gluten Has Done To My System?

There is a growing list of reasons you should not have gluten in your diet, or explore eliminating it for a period. Another important question is what to do after the damage has been done. Remember that inflammation is a key symptom among people who have a reaction to gluten. Fish Oil is something that will help to treat inflammation. But you have to focus on the gut itself, and building gut health. This is a tricky area because health experts are JUST starting to get a handle on how this works.

Nothing you read online can treat or diagnose anything. However, there are things you might want to explore. L-Glutamine in supplement form is something that is commonly used to treat the gut by health professionals. Probiotics are also commonly suggested by health professionals to help overall gut health.


5 Reasons To Remove Gluten From Your Diet


You are Diabetic and Your Doctor Thinks You Can't Lose Weight....

One of the dirty secrets of treatment of Type 2 Diabetes and Diabetics is that most doctors take the approach that it is nearly impossible to get people to lose weight. As a result, the treatment pays lip service to "diet and lifestyle improvements" and just gives you medications that often result in greater weight gain and increased diabetes. 


So the question is- what do you think? The reality is that Type 2 diabetes can be cured, not just managed or made part of your lifestyle. There are a bunch of ways to lose weight that work. This blog post highlights several of them, and they are all different approaches. Some of it is very mainstream, and other approaches are a little new. But they all work in different ways, and the bottom line is that you can lose more weight than you ever thought possible, as long as you start to think and act a little differently.


This is what we do at PEERtrainer- we help people make massive change, one step at a time, and we base this all in the reality of how people really live. Just start to mix up your patterns. Do one thing this week, just one thing. If you approach each week like this, you will make massive changes over time that will stun your doctor. It is also really important that if you follow any of the steps below and you start to lose weight, go to your doctor immediately to make sure your medications are in the proper dosage.

Step 1: Glycemic Control and Portion Control

The first step is obviously get the blood sugar under control. This is what your doctor just told you and we'd be very curious to hear the specific things you were told. Leave them in the comments in the bottom of this blog post, we really want to hear them. The ultimate treatment (and potential cure) of Type 2 Diabetes is a diet very high in plant based foods, especially greens.


However, first things first. You need to get your portions under control and do so in a way that brings your glucose levels inline. And the best way to do this is to lose weight. You might want to consider a meal delivery service like NutriSystem for the first few months. NutriSystem programs for diabetics like NutriSystem D are clinically proven to help get things under control for you.


The reason this might be a good idea is that for most people dieting is hard. NutriSystem makes it easy, and basically costs nothing for most people. You already spend money for food, more than you probably think. You simply shift the cost to this program. They also do a fairly good job of giving you support and also showing you how to start adding more plant-based foods into your diet.


It may be that you can adopt a healthy diet on your own instantly, but be open to making it easy on yourself and finding ways of boosting your odds of success.


Step 2: Get Massive Motivation and Support

You can make incredible changes in your lifestyle. But as we said earlier, the odds of your immediate friends and family being a negative influence in your life is pretty high. So you are going to need to look outside your immediate circle for daily influence and ideas. To plug PEERtrainer for a second, we have some incredible resources to support and motivate you. The single most effective free tool we have right now is the PEERtrainer Tip Of The Day Program. This will give you massive motivation and support via daily emails. Click on that link to learn a little more, but it is a really cool program.


There are a ton of other resources out there to help you, and just be open to new ideas as much as you can. One of the things we really focus on is helping build your level of belief that massive positive change is possible.


Step 3: Begin The Path To Nutritional Excellence

We firmly believe that people need to make the first steps towards weight loss as easy and doable as possible. That is why we view things like the NutriSystem Diet to be a very realistic first step. But down the road you are going to need to read Eat To Live Or Eat For Health and learn about the work of Dr. Joel Fuhrman. We go out of our way to credit Dr. Fuhrman with pioneering the field of "nutritional excellence." He is influencing the entire diet industry and has been instrumental in the development of Weight Watchers new Momentum Program and was a core influence of Dr. Ian Smith's Fat Smash Diet.


This three step process that we outlined will help you with both the short term and long term aspects of getting your Type 2 Diabetes in control. If you do start to adopt the high nutrient diet over time that Dr. Fuhrman recommends- only 10% animal protein, high amounts of greens and salads each day- make sure to see your doctor and make sure any medications you are taking are at the right levels.


No matter what you do, make sure to check out the PEERtrainer Tip Of The Day page. You also might want to join PEERtrainer and start logging your food and exercise each day to make sure your portions are really under control and you get support. And if you feel like you need some help getting started, don't be afraid to get some help with a company like NutriSystem.
Step 4: You Have Started A Good Faith Effort To Lose Weight, But Are Having A Hard Time
If you have started to make some better decisions but are not having the results you want, you probably need to make some more adjustments. Eliminating wheat and gluten in your diet is a very good idea, and more and more doctors are recommending that people with Type 2 diabetes reduce gluten.
As you reduce your wheat and gluten, you want to really step on the gas with Stage 3 of this process. As you increase your greens and vegetable consumption, you are going to be giving your body the nutrients it needs. This will help to reduce your food cravings. You need to be patient here, but you will find that as you eat the right foods your system will begin to regulate itself better.
Removing dairy from your diet is likely to help a great deal as well. Many people are lactose intolerant to varying degrees. You never know until you try.

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Reversing Type 2 Diabetes