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Thanks for another fantastic recipe! I can't wait to present it to my husband, as per your tips lol. The one major holdout in my family is sure to love this recipe :-)

Your soup sounds awesome - I will have to try that for a change from my usual black bean soup!

With the cooked kale, I would just note this, since it's not noted above:

About 20 min before the soup should be done, I put the cooked kale in the blender w/ 2 cups of my soup, and blend that on 'puree' or 'liquify', and then add it back to the soup and keep cooking for another 20 minutes. Blending it with the soup blends it up better, I've found. :)

Made this soup this weekend without bacon and with kale and quinoa......awesome and so healthy. I do wish you would include the nutritional content of recipes. I know this is huge in fiber and protein and low in calories. I cooked the kale in chicken broth and then added the rest.

I made this for my family last weekend and it is awesome! Sunday is usually a big eating day in my house as everyone is home and mostly bored. I made this in the late morning, and doubled the recipe. I used 5 cups chicken broth instead of water and added 2 cups of cooked brown rice and about a pound of preseasoned chicken breast in large cubes(montreal spices, nice and peppery, I cooked it before I added it). It was a bit soupy for our taste, so I added about 1-2 tablespoons of a rue I made with corn starch and cold water to thicken it. I got busted cooking the kale(lol) and so left it as a side dish as the reaction from my husband about blending it was both hysterical and typical. I'll have to save that bit for another time. Almost everyone used the kale as a bed and put their soup(stew?) on top and then mixed it together while eating it. The entire pot was gone by the time I started dinner, with 8 people eating it and everyone wants it on our weekly menu lol. Thanks for such a great recipe! I can't wait to fiddle around with it some more :-D.

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