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This sounds yummy like all of your recipes. It would be great if youir recipe pages had a print button to print just the recipe. Would be much more user friendly that way. I love your green soup recipe (the one with coconut milk). It is so delicious and filling and green. Thanks.

We will poke around for that print button. Thanks for the suggestion.

This looks delish. I'm going to give it a try. I love quinoa, and just stocked up on it because it's on sale right now at our "Whole Paycheck" store. Yes I also love the green energy soup. Whenever I've shared the soup with friends, they've always asked for the recipe and they go home and make it themselves. Of course, I give you credit for it and tell them to check out your site.
Plus, I got my daily chuckle from this post -- was it a spell-check thing or did you mean to talk about "extra version olive oil"?

Have tried the energy soup and the imperial chicken salad. Both are keepers and I'll make them often.

After the chicken salad for supper, had no case of the munchies that evening. Made a nice breakfast the next day with little snacking during the day.

Ended up losing eight pounds this past week, my goal is one per week, and I finally broke 200, weighing in at 198.

Vincent, nice job!

How many servings does this make?

Did you mean 1 cup quinoa instead of 1 pound? 1 pound would make much more than is needed for this recipe, wouldn't it?

Can anybody point me to the PT page where ALL the recipes are listed?

Central Market also sells quinoa in bulk. In fact, they sell different kinds of quinoa, too. I love quinoa, and this recipe sounds amazing.

I made this recipe tonight and it was great! My first time to try quinoa and I'm hooked.

However, I also questioned the amount of quinoa it calls for, and searched for the answer online but didn't find it. You realize that one pound of quinoa is equal to about 3 cups of dry quinoa? It made a TON of cooked quinoa, so I just used a portion of it to mix with the other ingredients. The rest I will use throughout the week in other recipes, I guess.

Can you clarify the amount of quinoa, and how many servings this is intended to serve? Thanks!

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