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This recipe does sound tasty and the healthy, nutrient dense veggies are a big plus, but I wouldn't classify the recipe as a "detoxifying powerhouse".
Chickens are routinely administered antibiotics, hormones, and vaccines containing arsenic and other chemicals; trace amounts of those chemicals make their way into chicken stock, especially since stock is a concentration of material extracted from the tissue and bones of these animals. Also, conventionally raised chickens are fed a diet of grains, gluten, etc. Not so good for detox or cleansing.
Ditto coventionally raised pork.
And while there are conflicting studies and lively debate(especially in the paleo community)over nitrates/nitrites in cured meat being harmful or carcenogenic, I would err on the side of caution and skip the bacon.
IMO this would be a fantastic cleanse recipe if it called specifically for stock procured from hormone and antibiotic-free pasture fed chicken and perhaps organic low-sodium turkey bacon.
If you want or need more flavor, add healthy herbs and spices which in themselves can have beneficial detoxifying and even medicinal qualities.

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