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November 19, 2008


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this helped a lot and i like this. I need this more than anything,i am so hard on myself. I am going to try and read this for motivation and help everyday if needed thank you! I hope i can just stop the stress and be able to calm down relax and not always be on my case cause it is playing a toll on me and my health.

ooh! I needed this today....turned me right around...I feel like I am making progress even though the scale is feels like the enemy.

I chose not to eat ice cream yesterday, did two workouts and didn't over eat last night! yah me... and today I packed my gym stuff...

just keep going...I'll be back in pre-prego favorites

Thank you! This was just what the doctor ordered...2 lbs is 2 lbs...celebrate each pound lost and thank God it wasn't a gain...

Thanks for that great tip of the day! As often it exactly hits the spot for me today! As I had a little hard time (my mum will have a surgery to remove a tiny little breast cancer next Tuesday), I was close to beat myself up the last few days, because I dind't eat and workout the best way.
But after thinking about that tip, I realized which great things I already did since my 8 weeks with Peertrainer. So much has changed already! So I'll just go on!
For me that's the most essential point when losing weight: you have to learn to love yourself, not beat yourself up and be proud of your achivement. Then the rest will fall into place - I hope at least. ;-)
Have a great day!

Hearing the story of your friend really struck a nerve for me too because I have felt this way in so many situations myself. I think the important thing to realize is that when we beat ourselves up, we are really encouraging those behaviors that get us into trouble in the first place! I used to eat, drink, and shop to dull my negative feelings towards myself and those are the very same things that got me overweight, unhealthy, and in debt! I am making progress only because I learned how to actually be good to and to value myself. And it hasn't been easy. But someone told me something that I kept in mind all these months. When you realize you are having negative thoughts about yourself-imagine that a dear friend was confiding in you the exact same shortcomings and think of what you would say to him or her. Because in the end, you have to be your own best friend. Ok. I'm done with my rant today! Thanks for reading!

Wow! I really needed to read that this one. This hits home. Thank you!!

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