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December 11, 2008


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I am a big fan of Covey! Steven Coveys "7 Habbits" book was great but hard to get through. There was good information in it, but it took me a few times reading it to absorb some of the concepts. Steven Coveys "7 Habits of Highly Successful Families" was much better in my opinion. There were a lot more "tools" that you could take from the "Families" book and apply to real life immediately. My boss at work is the person who loaned me this book and I can use that information in many relationships in real like - family, coworkers, friends. In "7 Habits" he explains high-level what the concepts are. In "Families" he shows what it looks like when the "7 Habits" are exercised in real life.

Hi Jackie!
My new favorite book is THE ULTRAMIND SOLUTION BY Dr.Mark Hyman. I have severe problems with memory concentration and focusing. This book is helping me through healthy living and diet changes He has a great website as well!

I find "The China Study" by Dr. T. Colin Campbell is the book that has most affected my life and diet. After following the food recommendations, I felt an instant increase in energy, and his rigorous scientific evidence has me convinced: the diet outlined in this book will lead to my health for my entire life.


I"m puzzled at how you arrived at the conclusion that the author inferred that ovarian cancer was caused by golden handcuffs. The assertion that she infers this is simply not true. As an ob gyn, her approach of coupling western and eastern philosophies have helped many. I do understand if the book is not for you. Thanks for the feedback! We'll have to agree to disagree. Jackie

I hate to be negative, but I checked out Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom from the library and was surprised that you would reccomend it. I didn't read the whole thing, but a few excerpts were enough to tell me that it wasn't for me!! I was really surprised that the author would infer that ovarian cancer was a disease of women who are stuck in "golden handcuffs"--married for wealth--and that this would cause their cancer.
I am open to natural remedies/healthy prevention of disease, etc. I realize that the traditional medical community doesn't have all the (right) answers all of the time. However, I thought this book was pretty out there!
Glad you could glean some good from it. Heads up for anyone out there with my similar mindset, though!

Another series of great books that really inspired me to lose weight were the Body for Life books by Bob Greene. The books contain a contract that you sign that motivates you to lose weight. Plus there are recipes to help keep you on track.

Just looking at the tapble of contents for Women's Wisdom, I wish I had this book when I was in college. It took me years and several counselors to get some of the information.

Hi, Jackie,

Another book I'm finding extremely helpful is "Mindless Eating" by Cornell Food Science researcher Brian Wansink that presents research into people's eating habits. Each chapter covers one aspect of our mindless eating behavior with suggestions for changing our habits and heightening our awareness of what we're doing that will hopefully impact our food consumption. His main tenet is that people can under-eat by 20% without detecting the change and that can have a profound effect on what we weigh in the long run.

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