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December 05, 2008


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At buffet restaurants, I just take a bite of everything that looks good. If I really like something, than I go back for more of that item. Works for me because I'm one of those people that cleans up the plate regarless of how good the food taste. I have a difficult time with the lesson about "you can either throw it away in the trash, or throw it away around your waist".

I agree with the idea of splitting a meal into two. Ask for a togo box with your meal and portion it out before you even start. It will keep you from eating too much if you do it from the onset.

I order a meal with the idea it will be dinner and lunch or dinner for the next day. I only eat half, and look forward to a wonderful free meal the next day. It does take some willpower, but thinking about not having to cook the next day for a meal is a great motivator for me to not chow the whole meal down. If I am not planning on going home right away, I put a small ice chest with frozen water in an old plastic jar in my car to keep it cold and safe to eat. I always keep some of those frozen water jars in my freezer so easy to grab one and put in a little ice chest to bring along when going out to eat.

If you don't have the motivation to not eat the whole meal, perhaps you can ask for a take out box right along with the meal so that you can pack half up before starting to eat, but I haven't had to do this yet because I like not having to cook the next day for a meal, not having a family.

Or you can always split a meal if you are out with someone who likes what you like and wants to diet too. Unfortunately, my boyfriend doesn't have the same food choices I do.

Instead of putting dressing on a salad, just dip the end of your fork into the dressing with each bite. It will insure that your salad all tastes good, and when you are through, almost all of the dressing will still be there.

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