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December 27, 2008


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I read this because Jackie send out an email indicating the importance of logging and being active on PT.

I loooovvee Success Stories. I am glad Nicole was able to lose a great amount of weight.

However, Jackie, if you click on her now, she has regained (which is forgivable) but she is not active on PT (she has not logged since August 25). Does not make PT seem so effective. I would really like to see a Success Stories section broken down by how much weight people lost using PT.

I've been receiving your e-mails for well over a month a pretty much read hen did nothing.

I must admit that a discovery that our freezer was full of meats, I decided to do a modified Adkins/SouthBeach diet. Wow, I have a plan. I haven't lost much but the big thing is not to gain since I am unemployed.

I've made it through my husband's Halloween candy push and think the holidays will be a bit easier to cope with.

I'll keep reading and other items may soak in slowly too.

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