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December 13, 2008


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The content was great, the informality is great, and I don't care how much you look at the camera or what the background is. Info is top-notch and it would be good to have it written down for those who don't have broadband. You could use Dragon Naturally Speaking while you're shooting and kill two birds with one stone. Well done!

It was good if there was also an audio format available.

I loved it! Right to the point and easy to understand!

i thought this video clip was great. long enough to get some info, short enought to fit in a busy schedule. i like bite size info. these 3 ideas i can watch and now think over and analize trouout the day. its not overwhelming and that is so refreshing!

this was great :) do more of these. much easier than reading a page of information :P

i really like the informality and the length was good, but any longer and I might not have even pressed play. I like putting a face with your name... makes it more personal. My goal is to lose 10 pounds by March.
THanks so much for the clip!

You have a good voice for this!

One thing about the content: how do we make this fun, especially if you have a limited budget like so many of us do in this recession? You didn't give examples.

And frankly, getting back on track with a healthier lifestyle (i.e., eating better and exercising more) isn't that gratifying in the short term.

Dark chocolate and other junk food is instantly gratifying, I am sorry to admit.

I actually preferred that you looked away from the camera at some points, because had you stared directly at the camera/your audience, it would be a little unnerving and quite frankly would remind me of the subtle admonition from a doctor, telling you tips but not really getting through to you.

I love these. PLEASE have more!

the clip was good, length OK. DIET the word has been so over used, just the thought of it makes me hate it, change the eating habits maybe, yes I know we are trying to cover the sun with one finger, one way or the other is a diet. The one thing that comes to my mind is WINE, I did not had a sip this week and I'm taking notes of all I put in my mouth, it is working. Now, my major problem is working out, I need help in this part of my life, I just don't make the effort to do it, this is my flaw.

I really liked the clip. It was simple and to the point - easy to understand and remember. Personally, I would keep the format as it is. To repeat points at the end of the clip would just be repetitive and tedious.

I liked the video, and have no criticisms about the visual aspects! But I think it would be good to reiterate the 3 points at the end. I had to go back and listen to parts over again to get it. I know, sort of stupid, and I'm not stupid! But a person really doesn't hear something the first time.

I have dial up and the video is to slow for me to hear

I really liked the clip. It was much more motivating than just reading something in an email or online. Please keep the clips coming.

Thank you for your words they have inspired me to get back on track. I definitely can think of my first goal to set. :)

I think so ur clip was perfect. It was informal which was gud. N i really lykd wat u said. I m goin 2 follow ur tips.

a goal is a good Idea but don't fo to far out I'd say
I write down my food

i think it was great and people are over-thinking the whole "look at the camera"...goodness people, you must watch too much tv.

nice work
looks great and is informative.

I think that was great! I think it is rediculous how people are commenting on everything BUT what she has talked about. Who cares if there isn't a colorful background! A colorful background isn't going to help your weight/fitness issues. You are worried about where she is looking and what color the background is...maybe you need to go to a different site.

The reason you look away from the camera is because you are being shot from the side and your natural inclination is to go back to your center. I agree that you could have a more colorful background, perhaps and ochre wall....just something with a little color. If you look at Mercola, or Hyman, you will see the are shot straight on. Your content and ideas are great! I don't think it was too long either. Thanks!

I prefer listening to something over reading it since it sinks in better. But having both available is best since then I can quickly scan & review it for the points I want to remember. I agree with previous comments that it would be better for you to look at the camera the whole time. Maybe adding a "slide" flash in that summarizes each main point after you've introduced it would be a good visual way to alert the viewer that you've just said something you want them to remember.

I thought it was great! For those few of us that are left with "dial-up" because we have no other options, a link to a written version would be nice. We don't always have time to wait on YouTube to download and hate to miss the good stuff.

Your manner of speaking and presentation are very good, though I agree that you were looking away from the camera too often. I found the length to be good -- I personally prefer that you covered 3 points as I don't like very short segments. On the nitpicking side: the audio is poor, "tinny", and the lighting highlights your hair rather than your face. The background is also unappealing -- I'd rather see you in your kitchen than an office. Overall, however, I think the concept is excellent and genuinely useful.

I love the informality and the personal touch. Seeing this clip is so much better than just reading about "diet tips." Your advice is clear and motivating. I would like to see a clip every day -- Please continue with this!

I thought the segment was just the right length and the content was good. You did give three focus points but they were very simple and very easy to remember and follow. The only problem area I noticed was many times you seemed to look away from the camera rather than directly into the camera. It left me with the feeling that at times you weren't really speaking directly to your audience.

This is great: personal with definite things to latch onto. Thanks!

The informality is cool, but I'd like a better background. Like maybe a colored wall. I don't know why, but you asked for comments, so here you go :-)

Informality is good! Yes, it resonated. Maybe a little too long with too much content in one segment. One solid point will sink in better than three.

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