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December 01, 2008


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I had that problem the other night. The waitress in this case was the problem. She said it was cheaper to get three. I had a few bites and then left the rest. I felt so guilty I got talked into that dessert. Next time, I going to say I my stomach is upset. It seems people are more sympathetic to health problems than the truth, No.

i am also learning to say noooo..... its not sushi but its still hard. i am proud of my self i drank quite a bit the other day at the river and the next day i had a sweet tooth... i made it though. i mashed 2 bananas put 1/2 tsp vanilla froze it yummie and i dont even like bananas. oh yeah 1/8 tsp cinn.,1/8tsp nutmeg

i have a more easier time when it comes to turning down this and that. i'm a type ii diabetic, and even though i'm not obese, i use it to my advantage at family gatherings and out with friends. it's even gotten to the point friends and family will even speak up and say.. "oh, she can't have that, she's diabetic". frankly, i can have whatever the heck i want, but that excuse has been wonderful for me to use! lol

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