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December 13, 2008


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For the fans of the China Study
I would highly recommend you read the following article by Dr Mercola:

In short "it’s important to realize two things:

1.The China study was an observational study. Correlations deduced from an observational study do not – in fact, cannot -- prove causation. As Dr. Eade points out, all you can really do with data from an observational study is to form a hypothesis, which must then be tested in randomized, controlled trials, to ferret out the truth about whether or not x actually causes y.
2.In many cases, the data (presented in arduous detail in the book Diet, Life-Style and Mortality in China) do not show statistically significant correlations between animal protein consumption and disease such as cancer at all. On the contrary. It would seem that sugar and carbohydrates are correlated with cancer – not animal protein. In addition, the data indicate that fat is negatively correlated with cancer mortality, which again contradicts the claim that meat is harmful."

Dr Mercola is a proponent of Nutritional Typing, and though I do not follow his recommendations, the logic behind it makes sense to me: we are all different, so it makes sense we cannot all eat the exact same thing to be healthy, so for some people Veganism/ Vegeterianism will work, others will need high amounts of meat and little vegetable carbs to thrive. And what I like most about his approach is that he advocates listening to YOUR body, how YOU feel tells you whether what you are eating is good for you or not.

I suspect Dr Furhman may have backed out from advocating veganism because (as he himself mentions in Eat to Live) it does not work for everybody, and as he wants most people to benefit as much as possible from his recommendations he made them more flexible, so individuals can taylor them to tehir own body chemistry. And I respct Dr Furhman even more for that.
PS: I work in banking risk management, and I can confirm correlations are useful but not causative in any way and cannot be taken to be so.

Our local health food store just started carrying these packets and I buy them in bulk! My daughter takes them to school with her. Love them. Although the Almond Butter is $1.19...still a chaep snack.

Yes Meagan , I felt the same way when I read the positive spin on moving away from a vegan/veg diet. However, I do understand the pressure. I'm vegetarian almost 20 years and in business almost as long. I appreciate this website so much and know that although I try and model and talk about a veg diet and it's benefits to others, I have more luck when I can empathize with their perspective as well. Unfortunately, for some people vegetarianism (and especially veganism) is not just foreign....it's absent. So....thanks for your post! It made me stop and think this morning :-)


i receive your tips of the day and have been a member of Per Trainer for quite some time. I also have been vegan for almost a year now and am a huge fan of Dr. Fuhrman's approach to eating. I am a little disappointed that you would praise him from backing away from the important notion that animal products are not healthy for you. I'm sure the pressure was so great that he had to back away, which doesn't surprise me given that so much big money is involved. It seems to me that in order to push a book, you should also believe in it, the message as well as the facts.

He makes direct correlations with animal fat and cancer...and the China Study echoes that as well.

It's time that people make some serious adjustments to "food"...it will be best for ourselves and the planet.

Just my two cents.

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