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December 14, 2008


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I add handfuls of fresh baby spinach leaves to all of my smoothies - really fills you up!

My husband LOOOVES cashews, and I wouldn't have thought of the spinach on my own. The only time we buy it is when we're making lasagna (noodles, spinach, prego, 1 egg, cottage cheese, and mozzarella).

We've been gradually moving toward a more veggie-based diet, as opposed to our pasta-based diet in college. I'm going to try putting tomato sauce over my next mixed-veggie salad (in which I rarely put lettuce). It sounds really good!

Spaghetti Squash--it's great. You just steam it or boil it, the strand pull back like spaghetti. You should be able to find it at any grocery store.

It's a good question Heather, I wondered this myself. So I googled it and found this answer from In part it says "Almonds have alpha linoleic acid, a good fat that helps lower bad and raise good cholesterol" "The almond butter tastes fabulous, as long as you like almonds. The only problem is portion control (isn't is always!)" "the health benefit is from RAW almonds and raw almond butter, not dry roasted"

Wait - what's spagetti squash? That sounds interesting!

Great idea of go-to meals, thanks for your tips. Though I still don't understand about the cashew butters. If it's high in fat, wouldn't the natural refrigerated peanut butters be the same thing? I love peanut butter (the good kind/refrigerated), so I don't understand what's better about the cashew or almond butters - does anyone know????

This was SO helpful. You are so in tune with our needs. Thank you.

thank you! I am happy to say that I always have tomato sauce, string cheese, and frozen spinach on hand. I'm going to add frozen fruit and cashew butter to my list. I'm going to start adding spinach to more things. My new favorite low low low calorie dinner is cooked spaghetti squash with tomato sauce. It tastes just like pasta!

This was an awesome video to watch!

Okay,adding frozen spinach to my grocery list!

Thank you so much! You always seem to have the posts when I need them most. I have started relying on lean cuisine/weight watchers type frozen meals rather than making healthy meals myself. This sort of thing gives me the ideas and motivation that I can do it myself and I don't need the crutch of a frozen meal. Thank you so much, you look great!

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