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December 27, 2008


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I first learn about the Weight Watchers a few years back. This is one of the most successful weight loss program I have tried so far.

Vraiment utile le contenu des textes. les informations que vous montre est étonnant et bien en évidence J'ai aimé la façon que vous avez fourni les choses ici. Extrêmement, le concept est applicable en temps réel et selon la demande actuelle de la société de l'internaute.

Judy - swimming pools are great for low impact. You can do water aerobics, walk through the water for resistence or swim.

Judy, how about a stationery recumbent bike?

how to exercise with two bad knees and a bad back???????????
Judy [email protected]

I've been on the Momentum plan since Feb 1/09 and have lost 20lbs. The plan is very easy to follow and does work as long as you "do" follow it. Everyday. Not just Mon to Friday...weekends count too :)
It's very easy for your eyes to become bigger in addition to not tracking your food as carefully as you had in weeks 1-2-3. So keep measuring your food and keep your tracker accurate...that's what will help you keep on track. Just like anything that's worth having...keep at it. If you slip, awknowledge it and move on :) If you get side lined use your old trackers as tools and go back to the weeks when you did really well in order to regroup and refocus.

Good Luck :)

Being an old "lifetime" member. I remember when WW's was the exchange system. Much more rigid to follow and I did it - this was back in 1989. I got to goal weight. I'm not goal now, but doing the Momentum program. I feel partyly due to my age I'm struggling some, but part of my trouble too is not having the will power I had when I was in my 20's. I'm not quitting, but just realizing it'll take me much longer this time around.

When I was a kid, there were a lot of skunks in our neighborhood and us kids were so sick of the smell. We decided that we were going to pretend to like it and eventually the smell was quite plesant for us (and still is!). I found that to be the same with hunger... as long as I know I am eating healthy, not too little, not too much, etc, I attempt to psych myself out on the hunger pains... I keep telling myself they are good and to enjoy that feeling and can you believe it! It works! Most of the time.

I successfully lost 35 lbs with ww two years ago. I was able to maintain until three months ago when ten lbs creeped back on. I know I needed to get it under control........so I went back to regular meetings and tracking. I just want to say that I am hungry ALL the time. I am satisfied only after a meal and only for an hour. I don't know if it is my hormones ( going on 44 ) or what...but I am finding it very difficult. I excercise five days a week, run and lift weights, doing all the right things....me weight rarely goes down and the week prior to my period is a living HELL of hunger as I want to eat all the time. I am frustrated.

I just joined WW for the first time last week and so far, am finding it quite easy to eat healthy and feel full.

You are correct, there is only one plan (at least that's the only plan in the literature and discussion so far).

There are still 35 extra weekly points as one of the focus areas is to ensure we are not hungry on the plan (a good thing!).

I weigh 200 lb and have 60 lb to lose (or whatever I weigh at a size 10!


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