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January 14, 2009


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By 'Animal products' do you mean exclusively meat, or also cheese, eggs, etcetera?

We eat a great deal of meat, fish and animal products and a lot of saturated fats from coconuts etc my blood lipids and cholesterol have never been better. Only buy naturally raised meats and avoid all grains. We as a species are not vegan or vegetarian that's why our teeth are the way they are.
I have never read the China study admittedly but I have read report after report picking holes in the flawed data in it.
Have we not learned that a high grain low fat diets does not work. This is the diet they give to feed lot animals to fatten them up quicker for market. Choose naturally raised meats and vote with your wallets to stop feed lot farming.
Go enjoy a steak your body will thank you!!

This is one reason why I have emblazoned on the cover of my notebook the following statement:

"What's the story?"

That always stares me in the face whenever I take notes - it's a great thing to remembr.

I am always cautious about adding more veggies in to my family diet instead of meat. Many supermarkets refrigerate meat and sell them at cheap prices. So i avoid meat in to the family routine.

Collin paul

Thank you for publishing this. I had read Dr. Fuhrman's book "Eat to Live." I had not come away understanding that he believed that eating 10-12 ounces of lean animal product per week should be okay. I thought that he was saying that a pure vegan diet was best, so I am relieved and happy to see that a little animal product in your diet should not be a concern.

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