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January 16, 2009


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Can't wait to try the soup. Getting back into exercise today. Fell off the wagon, wasn't feeling good. I agree with you we all need a place to start. I did the shakes ( fusion) they helped alot.

I am so frustrated with myself - i just keep eating tooo much chocolate - my husband has stayed pretty much off meat and on Furhman since Nov. I did real well in the winter and lost 16# but have stayed at 161-165 all year. (For a while he had me try a different food plan - no go - and I have just not gotten back on track.) I will stop crying on your shoulder and stay on track today - just have to do one meal at a timeI realize.
Catherine Luria

This sounds delicious and I've been falling in love with Indian spices anyway. Will def. give it a try; thanks for sharing! :)

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