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January 16, 2009


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Glycemic Index is only one of the useful tools, it can not explain everything about a food or how good quality it is. There are other factors to consider such as fiber content, good fat content, low sugar and salt? low saturated and trans fats?
It is important to include a variety of healthy foods from different nutrient groups, and as Dr. Fuhrman pointed out, some high glycemic foods will be highly nutritious. Glycemic Load is certainly a better measure.

I have Dr. Fuhrman's Eat for Health series - and it does include a phased approach for eating more nutritiously. Admittedly, I'd dived right into Phase III (there are four phases, each more "strict" about not eating toxic food) but it is much more palatable (pun intended) for folks that aren't the deep dive/cold turkey types of changers. I'd done well on WW, but was getting tired of prepared foods & all the sodium. His food plan is much the way I used to eat years ago & is how I'd forgotten to be.

I am following a "diet fusion", and I believe it is working out the best for me. I am extremely overweight. I've lost 26 pounds in 3 months and I'm very happy with that. I still need to lose 40 more pounds, which seems so daunting, but I'm up for the task following the best of different diet worlds. Basically, I follow the point system of Weight Watchers and I log all my food in a little notepad. I make my food choices based on what I've read about in other diets or online or news sources. I use PeerTrainer as a fundamental resource. I apply what seems to make the most sense for my health. And I make choices that will increase my success rate. Most of my choices seem to be in line with Dr. Furhman, but I have the flexibility to goof up, or have a "bad" snack now and then without giving up or feeling like I've failed. Mistakes are built into my plan. I do eat plenty of vegetables and fruits, and focus on high fiber and low fat items. And I do feel better overall because of these diet changes on top of the weight loss.

thank you for posting this. I appreciate that you are willing to publish opposing points of view. I know I am getting the best and most complete information I can here.

as far as the debate...I highly recommend reading, The Pleasure Trap By Lisle and Goldhammer. They really explain how and why doing this kind of diet change all at once, not only improves your chances of long term success (thats right, I said it) but also makes the transition EASIER. nobody believes me when I say this, but I believe with my whole heart that it's true.

I have been on Dr Fuhrmans ETL plan for under 4 months, have lost 40 pounds, am no longer diabetic or on ANY medications (I was taking 6 when I began). my health is great, I feel great and look great.

I know I wouldn't be where I am if I hadn't just bit the bullet and dealt with the detox and toxic hunger from my plethora of food & drink addictions all at once and been done with it.
Its easier. I swear! Its the fear of change that held me back from doing it sooner. But the great thing is, that I realized after a relatively short period of time that I preferred this way of eating. so no more fear, no more cravings, no more struggle! Its easy.

As much as I respect Dr. Fuhrman (and I do, I quote him a lot on my blog), I have to disagree with his take on Diet Fusion. When I read Eat to Live I told everyone about I was talking to my sister, the moment I told her no salt is allowed she said 'what?' and immediatly stopped listening. While I understand not using salt will lead to the most superior health--I also believe if salt is the only thing between her and this major life change, let her use a little salt and apply the rest of the principles. Basically--if you can take the most important elements of two lifestyles or diets to make it work well for you and improve your health, it's better than doing nothing. While most want to be healthy, they also want to live and enjoy life so the trick is finding the balance--and sometimes that means a little fusion.


I joined Weight Watchers last week, and I have several questions to bring up at this week's meeting. For instance, why call fat-free cheese a "filling food" and not give that same label to REAL cheese?
I do believe that the best way to lose weight is to transition my diet to completely healthy, natural foods. I don't want to overwhelm my system with fake food (sugar substitutes and "filling" fat-free cheese included!) but I am one of many who needs help with getting to that point. Taste buds need time to change or my body & I will stage a rebellion. I want this to be a lifelong change, so I can live a longer, healthier life.
I'm a subscriber to the slow boiling of a frog method rather than just dropping said frog into the boiling pot.

Laurie, CONGRATULATIONS on your successful weight loss.

Well, I certainly agree with Dr. Fuhrman's point-by-point rebuttal (and I've lost 85 lbs. in 8 months to prove it). High fiber, low animal protein and fat, nutrient-dense eating IS the way to go if you want rapid and effective weight loss/better health results. Sure, there may be a way to transition more slowly, but for me, I wanted to get on with it, and get the weight off. Why dink around with a watered-down program when you can adjust to this delicious new eating plan fairly swiftly if you'll just give it the old college try?

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