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January 09, 2009


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I am almost there. I eat a high volume of nutrient dense foods but still consume a small amount of "not so good for you stuff." I am eating less and less of that stuff all
the time.

I've lost over 16 lbs since Christmas following Dr. Fuhrman's nutritarian diet. I read Eat to Live and decided to take his 6 week challenge of giving up animal products. I have a total of 50 lbs to lose. I wanted some quick results & didn't want to be stuck in diet yo-yo-land again. As his book suggested, I will never go back to a SAD diet (standard american diet). I eat large portions, don't have cravings, and am no longer interested in sugar. It's great to feel better physically, have energy, and I'm no longer berating myself for diet failure. Purchasing a Vitamixer has helped boost my nutrient intake, with banana-fresh spinach smoothies for breakfast & homemade V-8 when don't feel like crunching on raw vegetables. My family loves frozen blueberry-strawberry-clementine "ice cream" with a little stevia added for dessert most nights. Thank you, Jackie & Dr. Fuhrman!

I also consider myself a nutritarian and Ive never felt better, been healthier or been skinnier and had an easier time staying that way.
The most surprising thing about all this has been that after only a couple months of doing it faithfully, I no longer felt the least bit of difficulty sticking to it. For the most part, its been effortless. It wasn't easy getting to the point where it became effortless, but it did happen eventually.

I have no feelings of deprivation or cravings for unhealthy/fatty/junky foods anymore-ever. And boy, was I junk food junkie! I think part of what makes it so easy is that you can eat all you want of certain foods (which have now become my favorite foods)-and I LOVE to eat A LOT. I eat much more than my non nutritarian friends, and yet I continue to loose weight/keep it off while they continue to gain and/or stay overweight and remain unhealthy.

I'm not exaggerating when I say I was about as bad off nutritionally/health-wise as you can get when I first began this diet. I Had the worst food/drink addictions, was diabetic, dangerously high cholesterol, borderline high BP etc.

Going on Dr Fuhrmans plan has been one of the best things I have ever done in my life. Thank you too Jackie, for introducing me to his work.

What is meant by "true hunger felt in the throat?" Is there more description of this?

I consider myself a nutritarian, thanks to Dr. Fuhrman's books. Thanks, Doc, and thanks, Jackie, for introducing me to his books and Healthy Cooking video!

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