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February 07, 2009


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hello everyone,
one thing that i will say NO to is mooncakes! Even if it turns mouldy at home.

I will eat frozen blueberries instead of ice cream at night.

You know what often works for me when I am about to mindlessly grab something I should not eat? I yell to myself in my mind "NO!" as loud as I can. lol
Guess what - this works.

Water, Water, Water. The more I drink during the day the better I feel. Whenever I fall of track I notice I'm not drinking enough water also.


I need to focus on not buying "the good stuff", like candy, icecream etc. for everyone in the family. If it's here I'll eat it!

oh .. there are so many 'habits' that need to be changed, but I guess one at a time, like you said. So for this week, no eating 'ANYTHING' after dinner.

Make sure you have plenty of fruit in the house for when you feel like something sweet and satisfying.

The one thing that has helped get me back on track is the 100 cal diet. Although it does not feel like a diet at all. It helps me be more in control of my eating. This may not be a long term way of eating but for now it has help me be more aware of my portions and how I feel during the day. GG

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