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February 21, 2009


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Tash: it took me a month to really start seeing a weight loss. It took me six months to lose 20 pounds. Lots of people lost weight faster than I did and it was really annoying. Remember several things: eat healthy food, and you'll know that you're getting healthy by eating well even when you don't lose an ounce; get lots of exercise, just like you're doing; your body will love you for it, even when you don't lose an ounce. And be patient and proud of yourself for treating yourself well. Cheers! NA

I'm not losing!! Please help! I'm allowed 20 daily points and I use 2 flex points a day = 22 points per day. I exercise 3/4 times a week in the gym, doing both cardio and strength training. I eat 2 eggs and 1 slice toast for breakfast (4p). I eat a salad (tuna/chicken) for lunch with low dressing (4p). I use 10 points for dinner and count everything, including sauce etc. I eat a treat and drink coffee for 4 points in the evening (not after 20:00). I feel satisfied with the amount of food, but I'm not losing!! I've been on the program for 2 weeks now and I know it's not long, but I need motivation and the scale just won't budge! Am I destined to do starvation diets for the rest of my life to lose weight? I'm so angry/mad/sad whatever. Thanks.

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