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February 11, 2009


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Barbara's Cinnamon Puffins Cereal are great for a crunchy snack...2/3 cup is 90 cal, 1 g fat, 6 g fiber, 26 g carb, 6 g sugar, 2 g protein.

Hi Jackie: Been reading and enjoying all the blogs, videos etc.from the e-mails you've sent over the past 2 months. I bought the WW deluxe member kit but haven't joined as the only meeting in my area is at night, 25 minutes away. We live in the country and no lights along the river.
Also purchased the hynosis networks pkg. Got it on sale which was an incentive to try it. So far so good. Am on tape two and enjoying the good feelings and suggestions the hypnotist gives.
My diet or change in eating habits is getting better and better. As an example for breakfast 3-4 X a week I have plain oatmeal with blueberries and chopped walnuts. The rest of the week I'll either have a scrambled egg on wholewheat muffin with small piece of fruit on the sideor another favorite, whole grain tortilla grilled with nonfat refried beans with greeen chiles, 1-2 T 2% cheese and some salsa. Yummy. I've lost 4 lbs. over the past 2 weeks without much effort. I still haven't incorporated any exercise. My biggest hurdle which I haven't chosen to jump over yet is the happy hour cocktails I have before dinner. Trying to cut back to just one but really enjoy the taste and relaxation they give me. This too shall pass. I'm a type 2 diabetic and blood sugar has improved since I started this plan 2 weeks ago. Really enjoy your blogs and readers comments too. Keep up the good work.......DB

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