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March 10, 2009


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To Ann,

You are not the only one!! I am different in some ways than you, I am shorter and have lighter skin and now I am 12 years older too. When I was about 36 I began a struggle to overcome the same obstacles you are facing. My journey took me through Jungian Analysis, Overeaters Anonymous, jogging on the beach (starting very slowly), etc... My life has changed for the better in many ways and I have a much better handle on my emotional eating and I have maintained a 30 pound weight loss. It was a difficult journey but I am glad I endured. I still need help and community. I'd like to eat better and lose 20 pounds. My focus now is taking the time to prepare healthy foods. Now I have a husband and two kids that add an additional challenge I didn't have back then. Believe me I didn't think I would ever find the romance I longed for or have a family. Asking for help is a huge first step. Keep asking, keep looking at your behavior and feelings honestly and things will shift over time. I promise. Kristen

I have to first say "Thank you and your team". With out you every morning I would not be were I am today.along with my daughter my positive team mender . I finaly learned the real meaning of doing it for my self. I respect my self and have empowered my self. Strength from with in. I still have work to do a goal to reach, but I am not beating my self up for my mistakes and I love to exercise now. So girls I hope I can help motivate one of you the way Peer Trainer is helping me. We do have the power and strength with in us. <3

Peer trainer gets to the heart of the matter, emotional eating, which makes it unique. Secondly and just as important, is the daily encouragement we receive. They never give up on us or lose momentum! Thanks so much.

Help! I am 36, female, African American, single no kids and FAT! I am 5'8, 284 lbs. and all I do is think about food and the "pretend" romances I would have if I did more that think about food and eat. I am miserable. No exclamation point there because it's just that blah. I want, I need to loose weight. I'm an emotional eater and a sensitive person by nature. Bad Combo! I've never done this whole blogging deal, if that's what it's called, but at this point insanity is not working for me anymore! Please tell me I'm not the only one who feels this way and if I am please tell me you can help me not feel this way anymore! Since I can't get physically nude, I'm going emotionally commando!

Dear Jackie, Habib, Joshua and everyone on PT,
that's so true! I was on and off diet for ages, I knew how to do it in theory, but I was lacking the support and commitment to actually do it. That's what makes PT so valuable, you have tremendous support - be it the tip of the day, the videos or the great support in your groups and teams. And what matters most for me: PT "forces" you to deal with your goal each and every day. If you try to lose weight on your own, it's always easy to slack off a bit, but with the daily logging, communicating and reading the tip of the day, that won't happen. You stay on track (well, mostly) and I find myself really looking forward each morning to come here and chat with my group.
thanks for all your effort! It really makes a big difference!
love, Sonja (oh-lilian)

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