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April 14, 2009


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I just went to the doc. and told him how tired I am. He said for one thing let your grown children be. They are capable of helping them selfs. We all help one another in one way or another. But it's getting to be slot. You see our son has moved back in order to get a car loan and not pay rent were he was . Our daughter asingle mother of two lives here. She's on line student. A 6 month old and a 6 year old. Dishes ,laundry, taking care of my dog. Well we could all go on with along list. To make matters worse my husband and I are living separated together. Yea very hard. Surgery a month ago ( gull bladder). I got out of exercising. I am 3.6# a way from a baby goal. So I need to put a big scratch in my record. I am pushing to do my half hour of exercising this morning. Me time. Sorry so long , thanks for listening.

I just want to say, based on a lifetime of experience, following ANY diet when you are completely over-whelmed and under enormous time constraints is almost impossible to stick with!
You are better off carrying healthy snacks with you all the time, to have in between meals to keep your blood sugar balanced so you don't over eat later, and at every moment of the day, walk when you can, run up stairs if available, do butt crunches in your chair and the first thing you do on your days off, in the morning, exercise and view it as needed time for yourself whether it is 30 minutes or 1 hour.
Look at it as a lifelong rhythm that you and only you can give yourself.....
In reality, all diets will help you lose weight, its keeping it off long term that is most peoples issues....
Hope I help someone! :)

That's a great tip, Jackie!
When I felt low and without energy at the beginning of my diet, the first thing I did is I quitted coffee and black tea and switched to green tea. That gave me that much energy, that the other changes in diet and workout weren't so hard anymore. Each little step counts and makes it so much easier to get into a new rhythm!
Love, Sonja (oh-lilian)

I planned to start the Fat Smash last weekend but was confused about what foods were allowed in phase 1. My friend lent me her book so I could prepare foods correctly. Hopefully you started but just in case...For Phase 1 each day you can also have chickpeas, beans, tofu, lentis, 2 cups of cooked brown rice, 2 cups of low-fat or skim or soy milk, 1 cup oatmeal, 6 oz low-fat yogurt twice, 4 egg whites and 2 cups of herbal tea.

Hi, I'm starting the Fat Smash Diet this coming sunday & I'm a bit confused about some things. For phase 1(detox) you are limited to basic fruits/veggies. However, on the sample recipe menu there are a few items that listed on the 'not allowed' list. I am determined to be successful & would like to know exactly what I can have. Can anyone help? :(

This is my life to a "T". With the exception that I have 3 little ones (4, 2, and 6 months). I just joined PEERtrainer a week ago and have already experienced a great boost from the great articles, advice, and tools here. Plus, it is somewhat comforting to know there are other people (like the woman you quote above) whose stories parallel mine. Gives me hope. If they can do it, so can I!

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