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April 23, 2009


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It is true that Correlation does not equal Causation. It is equally true that it does not exclude it. And Autism was only given as a "for instance" not the sole result.

As for looking to "experts" and not our own logic, it was the "experts" who have for decades now given antibiotics for issues that were not bacterially driven. This has had somewhat serious consequences. My immune system has been wrecked (confirmed by doctors), superbugs created, Candida complications are epidemic. My sister-in-law got sick, was given antibiotics, developed a bad yeast infection. Just this past month! She relied on an expert, instead of educating herself and taking logical steps to protect herself from the effects of the drugs. The "expert" gave her no warning.

I am NOT anti doctor, anti vaccine, nor even anti antibiotics. But I AM anti ignorance. I AM anti irresponsibility. And I see no reason why a thoughtful comment should be rejected only because of who spoke it. Even a movie star.

I am one of those who think that some things need to be vaccinated for, and some things don't.

Correlation does not equal causation. As the above comment eludes to, an apparent pattern can be taken out of context. Most children who receive all of the immunization shots do not develop autism, and most children that are autistic developed this regardless of immunization history.

If you look over the last couple hundred years you can find a statistically significant relationship between the decline in the number of pirates and the increase in the number of hurricanes. Should we encourage piracy on the high seas to combat potential devastating hurricanes? Of course not, neither should we scare ourselves out of protecting our children from easily preventable diseases.

It sounds logical doesn't it? Your immune system can only deal with so much. In just the same way, it sounds logical that you need to get rid of toxins in your body with a periodic detox. But both are examples of where the logic of the guy on the street bears no relation to the reality. Vaccines may have side effects but probably not because the immune system can't cope. The immune system gets exposed to, and remembers, thousands and thousands of pathogens over a life time.

Sure, children develop autism after having a series of shots. But also they develop autism after not having a series of shots. And many have shots and don't develop autism. Casual observations of people in your community miss the comprehensive picture. You need to do the epidemiological studies which all suggest that vaccines don't cause autism. On the other hand there's lots and lots of evidence that not vaccinating your child is a serious risk to their health and the health of others.

There's a reason why we look to experts and not movie stars for medical advice. See for example:

Refute the logic, why? Autism came from somewhere! I do believe we over vaccinate and it causes autism, there is tons of information out there that confirms it. Most of the modern ills of society is due to toxic contamination of human beings. When will people ever wise up? I'm with Jim Carey!

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