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May 30, 2009


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This is a great if only I could do that. I find it hard running at all but am finding it easier every day to exercise as I burn fat and regain my original body shape.

Who knows what the best Sports drink is for you? I usually drink a 32oz.- zero calorie powerade during my workouts. I am just worried about the ingredients in them with all the bad talk about Acesulfame and who knows what else is in them.Any better recommendations for electrolyte replacements?? Thanks!!

I completely admire the ultra marathon runner, but is part of the ability in the genetics? I cannot run long distance at all, and I've tried all sorts of programs to improve. i have no problem in endurance in swimming or cycling. weird


500 miles in 6 days is not for the average people. Of course it should work, I'll check the book

500 miles in 6 days is quite insane. I may have to pick up a copy of his book based on that fact alone. It is important to note, though, that the concept of the slow burn doesn't apply to all workouts; its more specific than people seem to think.


I loved this book! The author's casual writing style makes you feel like a friend and is so motivating! It will revolutionize the way you approach exercise.

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