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July 30, 2009


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I read a book called Creative Visualization by Shakti Gawain. It's great! I often arrive home from work tired and not wanting to do anything but sit on the couch or go to bed, but; I tried one of her techniques and surprised myself! I did what she told me to do than I jumped off the couch and cleaned my entire house without getting tired.

Another good book that helped me is called "Thin for Life" by Anne Fletcher. It is about people who have successfully lost a significant amount of weight and kept it off for at least 5 years. It helps to motivate and encourage me to know that I can do this. You can also find this book on

It's pretty New Age-y, but I recently read an older book, The Celestine Prophecy, and it was so thought-provoking. It challenged my beliefs, caused me to assess the present as it falls in the continuum of the history of mankind, and made me pay closer attention to and value the power of my thoughts (and dreams). It also presents an idea of what the future of the world and society could be. It was a book that had me realize how powerful our minds are and how much control we really have over our destiny. I liked it!

The Pleasure Trap, (Mastering the Hidden Force That Undermines Health & Happiness), by Lisle and Goldhammer.

This book is about what really drives us psychologically and physiologically when it comes to eating and food. Especially the real causes behind what makes us fat and unhealthy.
It changed my whole paradigm about eating and food, and motivated me to stick with healthy habits. It is literally one of the most eye-opening, life changing books Ive ever read.

Dr Fuhrman recommends it to his patients, which is how I found out about it.

My Stroke of Insight by Jill Bolte Taylor, a Harvard brain researcher who had a massive stroke at 37. She shares her experience of being in the world using only her right brain, which is more intuitive and spiritual and less judgmental than the left brain. She suggests steps for tapping into our right brains to achieve greater happiness. One of her principle points is gratitude.

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