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July 20, 2009


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Thank you for the email. This lady has written everything I wanted to say to Jackie and the Peertrainer team but could not put into words how thankful I am for discovering your website. I am 61 years old and also keep your articles in a binder to give me inspiration.

Bravo. So good that PeerTrainer has been able to help this lady. I applaud your work.

Just read a powerful book called "The End to Overeating" that could be the answer for this reader to figure out the "real why". Highly recommended to everyone!

I'm so happy people are getting good feelings from the Peer Trainer program. I am still fighting a downward spiral.(My husband has very difficult medical problems). However I will not give up on weight loss! Your articles and the feeds I get are keeping me going! Thanks so very much! Keep on with the good information you give us.

Thanks for being such an inspiration! Wish I'd found you years ago.

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