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September 18, 2009


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Christine, great point. It is already dairy free but you can substitute chicken for vegetable stock to make it vegan. Thanks for this! Jackie

Soup looks tasty, but it is important to note that it is not vegan or even vegetarian. It could easily be made into one by substituting the chicken stock for a vegetable stock.

Looks yummy I am going to make it today.....the mango, jicama slaw sounds good too, do have that recipe?

This is soo good. I ate it fot lunch and almost forgot to eat dinner.
I used 2 bags of baby carrots, and it was super easy.

yes! I will write this up and post it shortly.


A written recipe would be amazing. Really looking forward to trying it :)

I would like a printed recipe for this carrot ginger soup because I don't have sound on my computer at work, please.

Can we get printed recipes for your carrot ginger soup & the veg soup? I want to add them to my recipe file, and am afraid I won't remember the ingredients. Thanks.

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