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December 21, 2009


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Powdered drinks really has something in them that we can get much benefit from.

My wife and I already had some powdered greens at home, but did not like the taste when we tried mixing it with various types of smoothies (or water like the directions said). The other day it occurred to me to try mixing them in V8 juice. With the already strong vegetable flavor of V8, you can hardly tell the greens have been added.

One more thought- Greens are kind of like pizza... even when its bad, it is still pretty good. What I mean is, they pretty much are all good for you but some better than others. I look for large serving sizes (like more than 10 grams) and high ORAC scores which is usually proportional to the serving size.

Amazing Grass is excellent. There are hundreds of competitors on the market now which just tells you that finally people are catching on and realize that they need their greens!

Pss..sorry for the mass postings..Just wanted to add that at first I used the Hood Simply Smart Milk (I like that because it is fat free, but tastes like 2% and HORMONE free.) However trying to make it even healthier, I've switched to mixing it with Almond Breeze Milk. (non dairy)

PS - I got mine at the Vitamin Shoppe...I have also seen it at my local Whole Foods

I've been using Amazing Grasses for a few months, and I really love it. I love that it is simple to make and of course, all of the amazing things they pack into it. Sometimes I just use it as a nutrition boost...but I also like the fact that I can add any protein powder I like to make it a meal. Also by just perusing the website, you get a good feel for the company's philosophy - organic - of course a big bonus. I love it! (I use the chocolate one.)

I didnt find it on amazon but did find it on vitacost, (you may want to look into them, I think they have an affiliate program too) anyway I am not a berry liker so i ordered the plain plus I ordered the chocolate one for the kids, i have such a hard time getting them to eat greens. anyway Im crossing my fingers on these and I hope they work! I used to use "ALIVE" and its good but expensive, also I used to use a "total nutrition formula" that an herbalist friend linked me up with and that one was great also. so just looking for as many ways to get the micro nutrients in as I can.

And another thing about "Juice Plus..." I remember seeing an abstract with a substantial amount of research to support the health benefits derived from these products.

What about the "Juice Plus" products? If I am not mistaken, Andrew Weil likes these products... What have other folks to say about "Juice Plus?"

Trader Joe has a few.think it's called Super Green Drink, and it's a powder. I make smoothies for me and the kids, who don't eat much green stuff,it says 1 gram of sugar but tastes as if it has more... it would be great to have all the leading brands analyzed and compared side by side for ingredients, sugar content,amount of actual "raw" powder etc.

a nutritionist once recommended Purity Products Triple Greens Powder.

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