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December 04, 2009


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WHen I make this soup I first saute the onions, garlic and ginger in the stockpot and then add the extra ingredients. I don't have a dishwasher and I hate using extra dishes. In my mind, there is no reason to saute them in a separate pan.

I also use a pressure cooker and the whole thing takes 10 minutes. Can't beat it.

Full fat coconut milk is essential!

Stick with the regular coconut milk.

I don't know how or if we get answers to questions. I'm wondering if I should use low fat coconut milk or if that would degrade the soup.

Thanks Jackie! i posted it on FB's "The Newtown Healthy Recipe Exchange" and gave you props for it! ;)

My heart is my New Year present to you.


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I finally made the soup... And I love it! I was sceptical at first, but the flavors are great and the spice level is perfect for me (I love spicy food)!I didn't make any changes to the recipe at all. I had the recomended serving size, and it was very satisfying. For whatever reason, I found the texture really appealing, too. This will definitely become a staple in my house.

I just made the energy soup and I love it.
I would highly recommend it.
I did omit the cilanto, because I forgot to buy it.
It's very filling too

I've made 2 pots of this and love the convenience. I leave out the coconut milk (mostly because I didn't have any the first time I made it and it worked for me) and the spicy stuff since my family doesn't do spicy. I stir in a 1/2 cup of 2% cottage cheese after I rewarm the soup. It makes if creamy and the chunks melt a bit for a mozzarella-y feel to them. Thanks Jackie!

I have not tried the soup, but wonder if you could get a similar rich taste using soy milk and/or cashew butter instead of the coconut milk??? I have gallstones, and am only supposed to have 1/2 oz nuts per meal as my only dietary fat. Dr. Fuhrman (Eat to Live)uses nut butters for a creamy texture in many recipes. What do you think?

hey one more thing what can i replace baked salmon wth veg protein...pl help

hi i wanna start with this soup but I am a vegiterian and broccoli is not available at my place, n fresh spinach is easily available and i dont like mushrooms! please help me and i wld like to prepare fresh soup evry day so that it distracts me from junk eating and i can pass my time preparing this soup what say?

Jackie, what if you don't puree the soup? I tried it this way and I think I would like chunks of veggies better. Have you tried "not pureeing"?

Hi Jackie!
I made your veggie soup with the coconut milk and it is INCREDIBLE! So, so, delicious. And it let me use my expensive immersion blender that I hadn't picked up in a year. I also figured out the number totals for the pot of soup, although my numbers are for using 2 TBSPs olive oil instead of one, and 1 large sweet onion instead of a medium one. Otherwise, I made the soup exactly as directed. So: 1550 calories, 102 g. fat, 80 g. carbs, 42 g. protein for my pot.
Thank you!!

This soup is so delicious! It's a great way to get your veggies in. If you like your food bland and boring, don't eat this, but if you enjoy thai/asain flavors, then definitely try this.

I added up all the calories in the ingredients and divided by 8 servings (if you divide into 10 servings it's even fewer calories!), and for me it comes to about about 159 calories. Enjoy :-)

Oh and to the people wondering how much is one serving: The two points are an estimate. It will depend on the exactly volume of soup you produce which will change from batch to batch. (I make this usually once a week.)

I pour it into a big giant mixing bowl that has measuring lines and then divide it into 10 servings. It usually works out to about 8 oz a serving. But, if you want to measure exactly, either weigh it or measure the volume and then divide it up.

Oh, and I sometimes substitute other greens for the spinach to get more nutrients--somtimes collard greens (fresh or frozen) and sometimes kale or chard. I know I should eat more of these veggies but I'm not quite there yet. I can't really taste them, though, in the soup so I drink them right up without thinking about it.

For people asking about nutrients, why not plug the ingredients you have into an online recipe calculator? It's really not that hard. Plus then you can swap out the amounts she suggests for whatever you happen to have on hand.

Whatever substitutions you make, remember that the fresh lime is key!

I love this soup! I pretty much eat it every single day. I heat it up in a mug and drink it while I do dishes or work on my computer. I either eat it for a snack or for my lunch along with some carrots and hummus.

Thank you for this wonderful, satisfying recipe!

I tried this recipe and its wonderful! I went to a holiday party and opted to take the vegetable tray and leftovers instead of the other my popular stuff... went home pureed it all with my coconut milk (the only ingredient I didnt have on hand) and have soup for a week! Thanks so much!!

What is the nutritional info on this recipe?

ok, new to the soup diet how does it work

I have a few questions about the ingredients:
1 -- box of mushrooms. Not sure how big a box? Any idea of how many in ounces or pounds?
2 -- crushed red pepper. Not sure what this is. A hot red pepper fresh that you crush? A red pepper (like green and yellow peppers)? Red pepper flakes?

3 -- bag frozen spinach. Can you say how many ounces? Our frozen spinach only seems to come in little boxes.



How much is one serving? A cup, half a cup.
Thank you.

Made the soup today, it's great, I am not a big vegetable eater at all so this will definitely help fill that gap. Hubby was a little disappointed when I pureed it though, he likes his veggies in full pieces. He did enjoy it though after 2 hours of ringing the salvation army bell in the 32 degree blowing snow, it warmed him up quickly (I used a good amount of the red pepper, we like it hot!). I recently was taken off 1 of the 2 thyroid meds I take and lost 10 pounds in 3 weeks just from that. Plus being off that medicine and increasing my Lthyroxine made me feel so, so, so much better in every way! So I'm trying this soup and green tea stuff to try and lose another 10 before I go on vacation in mid January. Thank you so much for your site, it has helped me a lot!

I am unclear about the the diet. The soup is intended to be eaten with protein at lunch and dinner? What about snacks ?

I saw a diet in a magazine in the grocery store that recommended a coconut milk smoothie for breakfast.. the diet was based on using the fats from coconut milk. It said it didn't interfere with cholesterol. if a bowl of soup is approximately 2 points on WW. That has to be relatively low in fat.
I would tink the fat in the milk would keep you satiated too. I am going to try it.

Theresa, 16 quart is absolutely fine. Until, if you're like me, you want to start to double the recipe because you want more to store! I now have both sizes but I must confess, it tastes so much better when I just stick to the regular recipe. So I've only used the big one once when my friend begged me to make some for her - LOL. Jackie

Okay question: When you say "large" stockpot, how large is large? 16 quart, 20 quart? I don't own one and while I'm getting the stick blender I want to order a stockpot. If I can get away with the 16 quart, which is less expensive, then I want to go with that. But if it needs the 20, then I won't skimp. Let me know, Thanks.


Coconut milk has 12 grams of fat per serving, 10 g of saturated fat. The entire can contains 6 servings of coconut milk, and when placed in the soup, there is less than a serving per bowl of soup (there are 10 servings in the entire pot), which means per serving, you are eating about 7 grams of fat (and about 6 or so of saturated). This is rough, I am doing this for illustrative purposes.

Two tablespoons of almond butter (which is usually how much people eat in a serving is 16 grams of fat (1.5 grams of saturated fat).

The coconut milk is what makes the soup taste good and research suggests there are all kinds of good stuff in coconut. It would be a very big mistake to leave this out and try to pursue a "fat free" veggie version. It will leave you longing for good taste and in most cases, people are not satiated.

However, Karen, if you'd like to try it without coconut milk, please do! For everyone else, I strongly suggest you keep it in and if these numbers bother you, to reduce it. (but it won't taste as good, and isn't taste what keeps you going...?) This was a key tool for the weight loss.

coconut milk has 254% of daily value for saturated fat ...leave out the coconut milk and eat the veggies

Ketch, Thank you! By all means, I am NOT suggesting to only eat the soup and a protein as your entire day of nutrient consumption. These were just changes/additions to her existing diet.

Pdxgirl, it isn't heavy on the coconut taste but I'm sure it depends on your personal preference. Coconut milk is such a wonderful way to get in the creamy texture as an alternative to dairy and there are many benefits to it, but I suppose you could use cow's milk. I have never tried it. If you do, let me now!

Loved the email! Very motivating, but is all you eat? 2 servings of soup with a protein plus green tea? I think I'd get very hungry throughout the day... wouldn't this mess up your metabolism?

I am not a fan of coconut. Is the soup heavy in coconut taste? Do you have any suggestions for other flavorings? Thank you so much for the recipe idea. :)

Karen, Great!! Let me know what you think :)


Mary, yes! You can substitute vegetable stock. I would recommend mushroom broth though...it gives a great flavor.

Robin, Definitely use regular coconut milk. When you use reduced fat it doesn't taste as good and it's not as satisfying.

Sarah, I just wanted to add that it's around 2 points per serving (about 10 bowls) but the weight watchers points is just a guestimate. Let me know if you make it!

I read my emails everyday but this is the first time I am chiming in. I think this soup sounds great. Can't wait to try it. Thank you.

Is it ok to substitute vegetable stock? I'm vegetarian... if not, another suggestion?

Regular coconut milk is what I use. Whole Foods 365 brand is the one I like.

Re: the calories, not sure exactly.

I need some re-enervating and I'm a huge soup person so I'm going to start with this to battle all those Hannukah donuts that are coming up. Are you using reduced calorie coconut milk or regular?

any idea how many calories are in a serving of this soup (and how many servings this recipe makes)?? Great email today!!!! I can't wait to use this method to try a shed a few extra pounds before seeing friends and family this holiday season.

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